Custom Manufacturing your Magnetic Components

As manufacturing becomes more technical and requires advanced machining and applications, our team is leading the way in the custom manufacturing process. Because we service many clients in highly critical industries, we understand the importance of high quality products. With higher end applications comes the need for more engineering expertise—which is just what our custom manufacturing capabilities offer.

When a customer comes to us to request a part, they are typically looking for something that is standard, off-the-shelf. We like to think – is there a standard product out there that fits all of your specific needs? For example, with magnetic components, there are so many variations, materials, sizes, shapes, constructions, and other factors that come into play. Standard, off-the-shelf products can certainly meet requirements, but we know that our custom solutions are the most comprehensive for our customers. Additionally, we know that our custom solutions can be just as, if not more, cost effective than a standard product. Our engineering team consistently keeps cost in mind during the custom design process, as many requirements are cost sensitive in some form (such as materials, availability, etc).

Many of the components that our customers request contain advanced and intricate magnetic systems that are key factors in the design, requiring a knowledgeable engineer to design it. Our experienced engineers will design the proper product for you that meet industry requirements and guidelines. Or, if the customer already knows exactly what they’re looking for, our engineers can work with their team on the desired components. We will work with each customer to create a custom product that is ideal for their needs and meets their specifications. Our process is very flexible and is meant to be unique for each and every customer. Let us custom manufacture components for your business.

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