Green Energy Meets our Power Electronics Products

Clean energy, green energy, renewable energy. However you may have come across these terms, they all refer to the same premise: alternative and more sustainable means of energy that utilize any type of natural resource. Recently, green energy has grown rapidly; in fact, “in the last decade, renewable energy has become more economical and is being built in larger numbers because it’s the lowest cost option.”[1] Many different industries are taking note on how to incorporate clean energy into its processes or products. Being in the power electronic industry, we not only understand the importance of renewable energy, but we also understand how to bring this sustainability into our products for a number of markets. This fall, we are bringing this knowledge to the road.PX1391 Series Reactor for Inverter Systems

We are excited to be attending two trade shows this fall –the EV Tech Trade Show in September and the Solar Power International Show in October. While the two shows will feature different audiences, the EV Tech show is geared towards electric and hybrid vehicles and the Solar Power International show is targeted towards solar power, they both have something in common: green, alternative energy. Due to this, we will be exhibiting our newest product line, which is well suited for both electric vehicles and for solar power products.

Our PX1391 Series Reactor for Inverter Systems is a high current and high power reactor that can be used for AC filtering in a variety of inverter systems, including grid-tied solar inverters and HVAC inverter systems. Additional features include its compact size, elimination of acoustic noise issues, and its ability to be easily mounted in enclosures with thermally conductive materials for superior heat dissipation. Not only does the series reactor have high energy storage capabilities, but it was specifically designed for power electronics that deal with renewable energy. That’s why we are able to present this product line at both shows; it’s geared for a number of industries.

We are excited to be at the forefront of power electronics and we look forward to any opportunity where we can present our products to our customers. We hope to see you at either the EV Tech Trade Show or the Solar Power International Show –make sure to stop by and see our newest product line!


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