The Importance of National Manufacturing Day

The US manufacturing sector has gotten some good news lately. Manufacturing activity, factory orders, and employment have continued to rise in recent months. In addition, a small boom in plant construction and renovation is actually boosting the economy as a whole. But it will be hard to make sure that this momentum continues if people don’t realize just how important manufacturing is to the economy. And that’s where National Manufacturing Day comes in. On October 3rd manufacturers all over the US opened their doors to students, teachers, and other members of the public in order to show them just what role manufacturing plays in the American economy.

At open houses and other events, manufacturers can show attendees how many jobs manufacturing supports (17.4 million), how much of our GDP the sector is responsible for creating (12.5%), and how many skilled, well-paying job opportunities there are at manufacturing companies. They can also show people how they make the components that are found in the products they use every day. Some people may believe the myth that America doesn’t make anything anymore; this day presented an opportunity for manufacturers to debunk that myth.

By showing that a strong manufacturing sector is needed to grow the US economy and shining a spotlight on all of the high-paying jobs that factories can offer, National Manufacturing Day helps encourage students to pursue the skills needed to perform these jobs. This may be the most important part of National Manufacturing Day because manufacturers cannot expand if they don’t have a skilled workforce at their disposal. The factory sector is growing now, but what about five years from now? Ten? These manufacturers won’t be able to find the workers they need if people don’t realize how important manufacturing is and learn the skills required to keep our economy growing. That is why we need National Manufacturing Day and other events like it. Many Americans may not think too much about the factories that make their stuff, but we have the ability to change that.

At MPS, we have certainly taken notice. We understand the importance of American-made items, which is why we host manufacturing and production in our California facilities. Not only has this part of the business grown steadily recently, as more and more customers are seeking “Made in the USA” products, but we also expect further growth in the coming years. We have made it a priority within our company to support American manufacturing; National Manufacturing Day is a good way to highlight the importance of why.

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