MPS Industries Expands And Promotes U.S Manufacturing

MPS Industries plans to expand new operations in Dallas, Texas. This office will be MPS Industries second office location in the U.S.

The new office will cover producing and storing our latest high power products, and gaining more distribution authority. The new offices central location is advantageous for easy distribution to the rest of the U.S.

The opening of the Dallas office is an important step towards holding MPS Industries goals for onshoring. It is very exciting to be expanding US manufacturing and distribution. Since the Dallas office will be more focused on the new high power products line, we are proud to have incorporated innovative automation for the magnetic components involved with its production.

Expansion of our domestic production has always been an important cause at MPS. We are proud that our products are manufactured and distributed in the United States while maintaining a competitive cost.

The manufacturing industry has seen the interest concerning manufacturing jobs declining. MPS Industries is focused on not only keeping manufacturing in the U.S but striving to preserve and promote the interest of manufacturing. We are proud to be expanding and creating new positions where the workforce will be happy to fill. Through this expansion, we are looking to keep cost competitive, keep our products produced domestically, but most importantly protect the future of manufacturing in the U.S

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