Wireless Charging Technology and the Importance of Magnetics

It finally happened. After months of rumors and conjecture, Apple has finally unveiled the iWatch, its entry into the growing smart watch market. While the possibilities of these new electronics seem to be endless, it does bring up one question: Are consumers going to want to purchase yet another device they need to charge every night when they get home from the office? What if there was a better way to keep their newest gadgets charged? There is a better way: wireless charging technology.

This technology has been in the works for a long time. In the past, there have been many people who thought it couldn’t be done, but now wireless charging technology is being used for a number of practical applications. And no matter the application or industry, magnetics are a crucial component.

Electronics aren’t the only products that can benefit from this technology. We manufacture coils for a medical device manufacturer; these coils, when placed close together, can be used to allow a medical device to recharge. One company has even developed a way to charge electric vehicles wirelessly. By using inductive power transfer technology, their device can be used to charge an electric car as fast as its battery will allow.

Wireless charging technology is clearly useful for devices large and small, but you can’t discount the importance of the magnetic components used. The magnetics not only need to work well, but they also need to be part of an energy-efficient design. And you can be sure that, as this technology continues to grow in popularity, we will continue to offer only the best in magnetic components and technology.


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