12/2017 Custom Inductor Solutions

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12/2017 Custom Inductor Solutions

MPS’ HEW High Current Inductors are the most comprehensive on the market today!

Options range from our standard smaller surface mount 30A inductors (HWIA2918S series) to larger customized chassis-mounted inductors, capable of handling up to 1000A.

Our HEW inductors have less skin effect at high current for high frequency applications, as well as low EMI due to the clean simple winding, lower inter-winding capacitance and less capacitive losses (compared to multi-strand round wires).

Depending on your requirements, MPS might offer traditional round wire for consideration. If designing for a resonance application, MPS can design using high-strand count litz wire molded to MW-79C (3000V) too.

Think Big: 100A-1000A Inductor Capabilities & Customization Single or 3-Phase, Coupled Inductors for your design:

  • Potted with thermally conductive material for mounting to cold plate/heat sink or open type for convection/forced air cooling
  • Customized mounting and connections for hassle-free integration into customer system
  • Traditional type round wire and copper foil design
  • Can design to handle capacity up to 1000A

Using modular design, our inductors can be connected in parallel for increased current capacity or in series for increased inductance!

About MPS Industries, Inc.

MPS makes the most dense, compact, and versatile range of HEW inductors to meet your electrical and mechanical needs. Our engineers work closely with you to create your design based on your electrical and mechanical requirements for your specifications.
If you need high current inductors, we can help! Speak with an MPS representative.

09/2017 Reduce Your Lead Time with the HWI57A2 and H1300 High Current Inductor Series

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Reduce Your Lead Time with the HWI57A2 and H1300 High Current Inductor Series

for a high-power inductor for your initial board evaluation? Have one
of our models in hand to quickly test your board instead of waiting for a
full custom design.

NRE’s, any tooling, and long lead time with our
ideal-for-your-requirements HWI57A2 and H1300 series. Their modular
design allows you to connect each in series or in parallel for higher
inductance or current.

HWI57A2 & H1300 Series:

  • Units are semi-customizable
  • Lead connections can be optimized
  • Thermal potting available in 1,2, or 3 w/mk depending on requirements & targeted cost
  • Units arrive ready to bolt down, connect, and install
  • No need for an NRE
  • Shorter lead times than other fully customized inductors

07/2017 Simplify Your Power Conversion Process, Easily Manage Power Conversion Applications

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Simplify Your Power Conversion Process, Easily Manage Power Conversion Applications

cooling, and packaging are key players in power conversion
applications. We will work closely with your team to provide a nice,
clean, easy-to-mount packaging solution, to make your mechanical and
electrical engineers happy.

The Benefits:

  • Packaging optimization based on cooling method and mounting configuration
  • Heat sink integration (per request)
  • Can provide 3D STEP files
  • Low-cost CNC machine cutting resources for enclosures/brackets for prototype purposes
  • Embedded temperature sensors (per request)
  • Low or no NRE
  • Domestic engineering support (in both CA and TX)
  • Domestic and off-shore manufacturing and prototyping abilities
  • Ability to package “drop-in” solutions for standard inductors, such as:
  • The HWI4427 series or The HWI4434 series

04/2017 Customizable Hardware & Mechanicals For Your Magnetic Solutions

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Customizable Hardware & Mechanicals For Your Magnetic Solutions

MPS is your complete magnetics solutions provider. We work to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to magnetics.

Our design engineers aim to optimize MPS products to get the best combination of performance and cost to suit each application.

That is not just limited to electrical engineering. A big part of it is customizing the mechanicals and hardware too. MPS facilitates electromechanical and thermal designs and can provide STEP files for your mechanical team.

Examples Of Hardware & Mechanicals We Can Do For You

  • “Open-type” mounting
    – Best for convection cooling
    – Lower Cost
  • “Closed-type” mounting
    – Uses thermal potting + TIM (thermal interface material or gap pad)
    – Best for mounting to cold plate or heat sink
    – Great for applications with critical shock and vibration requirements
  • Option of PCB cut-out version 
    – Low profile for board-level magnetic component
  • Variety of connection options 
    – Bus bars, flying leads
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Temp sensors/thermocouple and thermal switches

How MPS Chooses The Right Wire For Your Application Needs

  • HEW (helical edge wound)
    As pictured in all 3 images
    – Rated for 200C
    – Transformers: option of combination/ interleaving flat wire and litz wire for lower leakage
  • Flat aluminum wire
    – Good for cost/weight for bulk orders, ex: aerospace applications
  • High-strand count litz wire
    – Molded to MW-79C (3000V) or higher voltage
    – Resonance application
  • Option of PCB cut-out version
    – Low profile for board-level magnetic component

03/2017 MPS: No Stranger to Quality & Efficiency in High-Power Magnetics

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MPS: No Stranger to Quality & Efficiency in High-Power Magnetics

MPS is always looking to push the envelope when it comes to magnetic designs. Our goal is to provide our customer with the most optimized solutions. When developing our high power standard product line, we strived to improve both the efficiency and heat dissipation of our parts. MPS engineers understand that quality, compact size, and low DCR are crucial requirements for our customer base. As with our other HEW Inductors and technology, our HWI34 series is no exception in addressing all of those needs.

A Closer Look at Our HWI34 Series

  • Low profile, small footprint, compact form
  • Inductance Range 4.7 uH to 29uH
  • Exceptionally low DCR
  • Great heat dissipation
  • True 45-55 Amp wire handling capacity
  • Powered cores with distributed gap for soft saturation
  • For high-temperature environments – up to 125°C ambient (max temp 180C)
  • Higher current available
  • Different mounting available

Download our HWI34H Series Brochure

Contact Us for Your Custom Product Needs

When you’re looking for a custom component for a specialty application, remember that  MPS Industries has the manufacturing capabilities and expertise to design it. We construct custom and semi-custom high-performance magnetics for automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, defense, military, telecom and consumer electronics. To learn more, view our custom designed magnetics page for additional information.

If you need magnetic components, we can support you.
Contact us today to speak with an MPS representative.

01/2017 HEW Single Phase AC/DC Reactors: A Recommended Alternative

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HEW Single
Phase AC/DC Reactors: A Recommended Alternative

MPS Industries, Inc. introduces our HEW (Helical Edge Wound) Single Phase AC/DC Reactors, customized and optimized for your specific reactor needs. These reactors are a recommended alternative for amorphous/lamination core and copper foil wound reactors.

Highlights and Advantages to this Alternate Design Approach:

  • Designed with distributed gap powder cores = minimum gap loss
  • No concentrated hot spot on the winding due to fringing flux from the gap
  • Soft saturation
  • Low audible noise level

  • Clean single layer HEW winding
  • Single layer winding = better heat dissipation
  • Machine-wound = less labor intensive, more cost effective
  • Lower losses (for AC), proximity effect, and capacitance vs. copper foil counterpart