5/2019 Increasing Output Power Yield with Forward Converters

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5/2019     Increasing Output Power Yield with Forward Converters

Forward converters share similar energy efficiency and appearance qualities with flyback and half-bridge converters, but they can be distinguished by their higher output power yield (up to 200W). These DC-to-DC converters operate through the integration of a forward transformer (to raise or decrease output voltage) and a filter inductor (to moderate current consistency and store energy).

For applications where a high output current is required, forward converters are an optimal fit.

Forward converters can be applied to a wide range of industries and their power systems, including:

  • Off-line supplies
  • Solar power systems
  • Hybrid charging techniques
  • Computer power supplies
  • Aerospace power supplies

At MPS Industries, we create custom forward transformers and output inductors that integrate with forward converters and optimize their performance.

The MPS engineering team has created a comprehensive guide to the various types of forward converters and their applications – check it out below:

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4/2019 Advanced Circuit Isolation with Flyback Transformers

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4/2019     Advanced Circuit Isolation with Flyback Transformers

Flyback transformers (also known as line output transformers) are used in high-efficiency isolated power supplies and provide excellent circuit isolation, the capacity for multiple outputs, and the potential for both positive and negative output voltages.

Because of their uncomplicated design, versatility, and low cost, flyback transformers make a great choice for power supples <150W.

Flyback transformers can be applied to and benefit a diverse range of applications, such as:

  • DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies
  • High voltage power supplies
  • Battery charging
  • Solar microinverters
  • LED lighting
  • Telecommunications

At MPS, our engineering team custom designs flyback transformers according to our clients’ specific application requirements. Low cost, efficiency, and sizing are prioritized factors at each step of our design process.

To learn more about flyback transformers and how they work, check out our application notes here:

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3/2019 Voltage Benefits of Buck-Boost Converters

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3/2019       Power & Voltage Benefits of Buck-Boost Converters

Buck-boost converters make it easy to manage voltage for applications that involve a wide variety of input voltages

As their name may imply, buck-boost converters join together elements of buck converters and boost converters in one circuit. 

When the power source reaches a higher voltage than the input voltage, the buck converter kicks in to reduce it (this is why they’re also called step-down converters). On the other hand, if the power source voltage drops below input voltage, the boost (or step-up) converter will raise the voltage back up.

Some of the many applications that benefit from buck-boost converters include:

  • Self-regulating power supplies
  • Battery power chargers & systems
  • Hybrid electric circuits
  • Solar power systems
  • Power audio amplifiers

At MPS Industries, we create custom inductors that can be integrated with buck-boost converter applications.

To find out more about how buck-boost converters work and their topologies, check out our application notes below.

Discover Our Buck-Boost Converters Application Notes 

2/2019 Custom Balun Transformers for Impedance Signal Matching

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2/2019     Custom Balun Transformers for Impedance Signal Matching

The term “balun” joins together “balanced” and “unbalanced,” just like its function as a transformer.

Specifically, balun transformers send signals to and from an unbalanced impedance input, such as a coaxial cable, and a balanced impedance output, such as twisted pair cables.

Balun transformers are commonly used within broadband frequency applications, and are an excellent solution for long distance communications as well. Some additional uses of a balun transformer:

  • Achieving maximum power transfer through impedance matching
  • DC isolation for high voltage protection and improving noise immunity
  • Step up or step down of signal amplitude

At MPS Industries, our DOCSIS-compliant balun transformers can be applied to antenna systems, CATV, satellite set-top boxes, cable modem, video equipment, and more, and they are suitable for a range of different power levels and bandwidths.

To learn more about our custom balun transformers, contact us today, or check out our application and design resources below:

Find Out More About Our Custom Balun Transformers

1/2019 Phase Shift Full Bridge (PSFB) Transformers

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1/2019Phase Shift Full Bridge (PSFB) Transformers

These days, many power applications such as AC-to-DC power supplies, battery chargers, and renewable energy applications require high efficiency combined with high power density. Phase shift full bridge (PSFB) transformers are commonly used in high power, energy storage-type applications and have the advantage of lower costs and higher efficiency.

Customers looking to build a higher efficiency converter often benefit from PSFB transformers.

We customize our high efficiency PSFB transformers and resonant inductors according to our clients’ specific requirements; the resulting components feature low losses for high current and high frequency.

Some general features of our PSFB transformers:

  • Designed to handle power requirements of 20KW and higher
  • Mounting options customized precisely to requirements
  • Available with thermal potting for cold plate mounting 

To learn more about our custom-engineered PSFB transformers, contact us today, or check out our blog about how PSFB transformers work:

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