Isolation Transformers

What Are Isolation Transformers?

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Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformers are electromagnetic devices used to transfer power from an alternating current (AC) power source to connected equipment while keeping the equipment isolated from the source. They have a similar design and construction to other types of transformers. For example, they have primary and secondary windings that are wound around a ferromagnetic core. Normally, the ratio of turns on the primary winding to turns on the secondary winding indicates whether the voltage is stepped up or down. However, most dedicated isolation transformers have the same number of turns on the primary winding and secondary winding. As a result, they produce primary and secondary voltages that are equal.

Isolation transformers are highly insulated between the primary and secondary windings. The insulation blocks the conduction path between the source and load, which is important for protecting circuits, equipment, and users from electrical shocks.

It is key to note that technically, all transformers have an isolation feature.  MPS Design Engineers can custom design a wide variety of transformers to meet specific isolation requirements.

Industry professionals use isolation transformers for three main purposes:

Industry professionals use isolation transformers for three main purposes:

  1. Galvanic isolation to prevent a direct conduction path between circuits.
  2. Breaking ground loops by separating two circuits sharing a common ground.
  3. Voltage transformation to step up/down voltage

Ultimately, these functions can result in the following benefits:

  • Broader functionality by stepping the voltage of power up or down from the power source to the device, isolation transformers allow devices that require different voltage levels to be powered by a common power source.
  • Higher transmission quality by electrically isolating circuits, isolation transformers reduce the potential for noise, which can interfere with highly sensitive operations.
  • Greater user safety by isolating the source from the equipment, isolation transformers help protect people from injuries and equipment from damage caused by shocks and short circuits.

Isolation Transformer Applications

Isolation transformers find use in many industries and applications. Typical industrial and commercial uses include:

  • Electrical pulse transmission and digital signal isolation in computer networks
  • Medical equipment for patient safety
  • Precise voltage supply for meters
  • High voltage/current isolation in control/test circuits

Choose Isolation Transformers at MPS Industries

Isolation transformers serve an important role in many electrical applications. By allowing power to transfer from the power source to the connected device while keeping the device isolated from the source, they help systems run more efficiently and safely.

Looking for isolation transformers for your application? MPS Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of standard and custom transformers. With extensive experience designing and building magnetic components for many different applications, we have what it takes to deliver a tailored solution for virtually any requirement. All of our products comply with applicable industry standards, such as RoHS, REACH, CE, CSA, UL, and ETL.

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