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MPS Medical Grade Magnetic Components

MPS Industries Offers Full Line of Medical Grade Magnetic Components

MPS Industries, Inc. offers a full line of custom and standard medical grade magnetic components. Our components meet stringent medical safety regulations and conform to UL544 and IEC60601-1/EN60601-1 standards.

Our team of engineers has over 40 years of experience and has completed thousands of successful projects for satisfied customers. Our engineering team is located in our headquarters in Gardena, CA to provide the highest level and fastest service to our North American customers.

Current applications for medical instrumentation include defibrillators, medical lasers, medical scanners, patient monitors and more. MPS can design from your specifications, as well as work closely with your engineers to develop products for all of your project requirements.

Our product line for medical grade magnetic components includes:

  • Power Transformers
  • High Voltage Flyback Transformers
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • Inductors
  • Configurations that include toroids, EE, EC, ETD’s, RM, Planar and other nonstandard configurations
  • MPS Industries is uniquely structured to handle both high and low volume production. Project quantities can range from 100 pieces to 1,000,000 pieces or more.
  • Quality assurance is a top priority at MPS. Our products are tested at each stage of production to ensure that they will perform consistently in the most critical applications. All of our facilities, from design to manufacturing, are ISO9001:2008 certified.

China Office Building

New MPS Sales Office in China

Gardena, CA (June 17th 2011) – MPS Industries, a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom transformers, inductors, common mode chokes, current sensors and power supplies, has announced that they have opened a new sales office in Nanjing City, China to supplement their current operations in the area. This new office will greatly increase MPS Industries’ ability to provide local sales and support options to its expanding base of customers and prospects in the region.

This new branch will focus on improving the quality of service for its existing customers, as well as extending its line of products to new customers. This base will strengthen MPS Industries’ geographic presence in Asia, creating opportunities for forging new business relationships and increased efficiencies.

Shirley Nie will head operations in the new office. Shirley graduated from the Nanjing Institute of Technology in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications. She served as a sales manager for an electronics company in China for seven years before joining MPS Industries. She brings with her a strong background in international sales, having previously worked with customers in the US, Japan, Germany and several other countries.

Room 1505 Jianyu Building
No.100 Huju South Road
Baixia District
Nanjing City
Jiangsu Province
Tel: +86-25-58075030

Mini Power Transformers for Interface Card Applications

Mini Power Transformers for Interface Card Applications

In its effort to continuously support the world’s telecommunication industry’s latest technologies, MPS Industries has developed a series of mini power transformers with reinforced isolation for interface card applications.

Our M6201 series is constructed per IEC60950 reinforced isolation requirements and are designed to be used for RS-232, RS-485, and other lower power DC to DC converter cards, which use the MAX253 or MAX485 power driver with 3.3V or 5.0V source. This series complies with IEC60950 basic, supplementary, and reinforced isolation requirements. If you are looking for higher level requirements such as VDE or UL60601, please contact us and we can provide a custom solution.

In addition, MPS is also supporting the RF, D3/E3, broadband, BPL, and ethernet industries by developing high frequency matching transformers (R3600 Series) with bandwidth from 0.1 MHz to 400 MHz with supplementary or reinforced isolation. This series is constructed to meet IEC60950 isolation requirements. Please contact us for additional safety agency requirements.

For detailed specifications on our standard or custom mini power transformers for interface card applications, please contact MPS Sales (

Toroidal Power Transformers

Toroidal Power Transformers

MPS Industries has developed a series of low cost, high quality power transformers for Audio/Video, Professional Audio, Multimedia Center, Entertainment Center, and Industrial Control applications.

MPS Toroidal Power Transformers are constructed with strip wound carbon steel lamination or silicon steel lamination. The close looped and low leakage configuration gives the transformer less power loss, higher efficiency, lower noise emission, quiet performance, and smaller size when compared with conventional EI lamination power transformers.

MPS Toroidal Power Transformers can be constructed into different configurations:

  • Single or double input voltage and frequency (example: 110Vac/220Vac, 50/60Hz)
  • Single or multiple output voltage and power
  • Step Up or Step Down
  • Auto-Transformer or Isolated Transfomer (up to 4KVrms isolation)

Many of our Toroidal Power Transformers have UL, CE, and CQC approval. For detailed specifications on our standard or custom Toroidal Power Transformers, please contact MPS Sales (

Precision Inductors

Precision Inductors – High Q-Factor with Tight Tolerance

MPS Industries announces that it has developed a series of precision inductors designed to provide super high Quality (Q) factor with extra tight tolerance (±2%).

The new P1600-series inductors come in a surface mount package and are all RoHS compliant. These inductors have excellent temperature stability from -40°C to +100°C, with low loss and low radiation. In addition, they handle Idc from 200mA to 1A (higher current capacity handling available upon request).

The P1600-series inductors are well suited for such applications as:

  • Resonant Circuit
  • Passive Filter
  • Equalizer Circuit
  • Low Power DC/DC Converter

For detailed specifications on our standard or custom precision inductors, please contact MPS Sales (

Digital Audio Transformers with Faraday Shielding

Digital Audio Transformers with Faraday Shielding

MPS Industries announces that it has developed a series of miniature digital audio transformers to comply with the Audio Engineering Society/European Broadcasting Union (AES/EBU) standards.

The new transformers are available in both thru-hole and surface mount versions, and all are RoHS compliant. Our standard digital audio transformers have turns ration 1:1 with Faraday shielding. The sample data rate from 32KHz to 192KHz is good for both 75 Ohm to 110 Ohm connections.

The Faraday shielding and special construction/design allows our transformers to significantly improve the common mode rejection ration by almost 30dB, while still keeping high definition on the data quality, lowest jitter rate, and wide bandwidth (>100MHz).

Our digital audio transformers can be custom designed into various configurations upon customer request. For detailed specifications on our standard or custom digital audio transformers, please contact MPS Sales (

Video Isolation Transformers

Video Isolation Transformers

MPS Industries announces that it has developed a series of low cost, high quality transformers for video signal ground loop isolation to support the CCTV and Audio/Video industries. Our new developments support the latest video/surveillance systems, improving video quality by reducing the signal noise to provide a crystal clear picture to the monitoring system.

Our Video Isolation Transformers are constructed to give better ground loop isolation and common mode rejection, helping improve the image quality by reducing the longitudinal hum which is caused by earth loop current flows due to AC or DC earth potentials, bandwidth from 10Hz up to 10MHz.

MPS Video Isolation Transformers can also be custom designed into different configurations and dimensions based on customer requirements for impedance matching and bandwidth. Some commonly used configuration are:

  • 75ohm:75ohm for coaxial to coaxial cable (MPS p/n R3542, R3536-2, R3557)
  • 75ohm:100ohm for coaxial to UTP cable (MPS p/n R3532, R3536-1)
  • 75ohm:75ohm with shielded metal enclosure and BNC connectors (MPS p/n R3554)

MPS Industries also designs custom balun transformers for cable TV, set top box and optical hub industries from MHz to GHz. You are welcome to visit our webpage for standard items or contact our design engineers directly for custom requirements. For detailed specifications on our standard or custom Video Isolation Transformers, please contact MPS Sales (

MPS Industries Acquires Electro-Coil

MPS Acquires Electro-Coil

Gardena, CA (June 2004) – MPS Industries has announced the acquisition of Electro-Coil, a proven U.S.-based magnetic components manufacturer. Established in 1989, Electro- Coil specializes in custom fabrication of power and audio transformers, air core and potted core inductors, wound toroids, bobbin-type and other electro-magnetic products.

The consolidation of the two companies will create great opportunities for growth. By combining MPS’ strong engineering team and overseas manufacturing with Electro-Coil’s local manufacturing abilities, MPS will gain the unique capability of handling a wide range of project volumes. MPS can now offer small scale, quick turnaround service as well as large scale, cost efficient service. Further, the acquisition will enable MPS to meet a larger set of customer needs with increased efficiencies.

About MPS Industries

MPS Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic components, specializing in magnetic components and power supplies. Our broad product line covers a wide range of applications in industries including medical, military, telecom, industrial, and consumer electronics.

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