HEW Single
Phase AC/DC Reactors: A Recommended Alternative

MPS Industries, Inc. introduces our HEW (Helical Edge Wound) Single Phase AC/DC Reactors, customized and optimized for your specific reactor needs. These reactors are a recommended alternative for amorphous/lamination core and copper foil wound reactors.

Highlights and Advantages to this Alternate Design Approach:

  • Designed with distributed gap powder cores = minimum gap loss
  • No concentrated hot spot on the winding due to fringing flux from the gap
  • Soft saturation
  • Low audible noise level

  • Clean single layer HEW winding
  • Single layer winding = better heat dissipation
  • Machine-wound = less labor intensive, more cost effective
  • Lower losses (for AC), proximity effect, and capacitance vs. copper foil counterpart

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