MPS: No Stranger to Quality & Efficiency in High-Power Magnetics

MPS is always looking to push the envelope when it comes to magnetic designs. Our goal is to provide our customer with the most optimized solutions. When developing our high power standard product line, we strived to improve both the efficiency and heat dissipation of our parts. MPS engineers understand that quality, compact size, and low DCR are crucial requirements for our customer base. As with our other HEW Inductors and technology, our HWI34 series is no exception in addressing all of those needs.

A Closer Look at Our HWI34 Series

  • Low profile, small footprint, compact form
  • Inductance Range 4.7 uH to 29uH
  • Exceptionally low DCR
  • Great heat dissipation
  • True 45-55 Amp wire handling capacity
  • Powered cores with distributed gap for soft saturation
  • For high-temperature environments – up to 125°C ambient (max temp 180C)
  • Higher current available
  • Different mounting available

Download our HWI34H Series Brochure

Contact Us for Your Custom Product Needs

When you’re looking for a custom component for a specialty application, remember that  MPS Industries has the manufacturing capabilities and expertise to design it. We construct custom and semi-custom high-performance magnetics for automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, defense, military, telecom and consumer electronics. To learn more, view our custom designed magnetics page for additional information.

If you need magnetic components, we can support you.
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