Reduce Your Lead Time with the HWI57A2 and H1300 High Current Inductor Series

for a high-power inductor for your initial board evaluation? Have one
of our models in hand to quickly test your board instead of waiting for a
full custom design.

NRE’s, any tooling, and long lead time with our
ideal-for-your-requirements HWI57A2 and H1300 series. Their modular
design allows you to connect each in series or in parallel for higher
inductance or current.

HWI57A2 & H1300 Series:

  • Units are semi-customizable
  • Lead connections can be optimized
  • Thermal potting available in 1,2, or 3 w/mk depending on requirements & targeted cost
  • Units arrive ready to bolt down, connect, and install
  • No need for an NRE
  • Shorter lead times than other fully customized inductors

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