1/2019Phase Shift Full Bridge (PSFB) Transformers

These days, many power applications such as AC-to-DC power supplies, battery chargers, and renewable energy applications require high efficiency combined with high power density. Phase shift full bridge (PSFB) transformers are commonly used in high power, energy storage-type applications and have the advantage of lower costs and higher efficiency.

Customers looking to build a higher efficiency converter often benefit from PSFB transformers.

We customize our high efficiency PSFB transformers and resonant inductors according to our clients’ specific requirements; the resulting components feature low losses for high current and high frequency.

Some general features of our PSFB transformers:

  • Designed to handle power requirements of 20KW and higher
  • Mounting options customized precisely to requirements
  • Available with thermal potting for cold plate mounting 

To learn more about our custom-engineered PSFB transformers, contact us today, or check out our blog about how PSFB transformers work:

Discover How Our Power-Efficient PSFB Transformers Work 

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