2/2019     Custom Balun Transformers for Impedance Signal Matching

The term “balun” joins together “balanced” and “unbalanced,” just like its function as a transformer.

Specifically, balun transformers send signals to and from an unbalanced impedance input, such as a coaxial cable, and a balanced impedance output, such as twisted pair cables.

Balun transformers are commonly used within broadband frequency applications, and are an excellent solution for long distance communications as well. Some additional uses of a balun transformer:

  • Achieving maximum power transfer through impedance matching
  • DC isolation for high voltage protection and improving noise immunity
  • Step up or step down of signal amplitude

At MPS Industries, our DOCSIS-compliant balun transformers can be applied to antenna systems, CATV, satellite set-top boxes, cable modem, video equipment, and more, and they are suitable for a range of different power levels and bandwidths.

To learn more about our custom balun transformers, contact us today, or check out our application and design resources below:

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