3/2019       Power & Voltage Benefits of Buck-Boost Converters

Buck-boost converters make it easy to manage voltage for applications that involve a wide variety of input voltages

As their name may imply, buck-boost converters join together elements of buck converters and boost converters in one circuit. 

When the power source reaches a higher voltage than the input voltage, the buck converter kicks in to reduce it (this is why they’re also called step-down converters). On the other hand, if the power source voltage drops below input voltage, the boost (or step-up) converter will raise the voltage back up.

Some of the many applications that benefit from buck-boost converters include:

  • Self-regulating power supplies
  • Battery power chargers & systems
  • Hybrid electric circuits
  • Solar power systems
  • Power audio amplifiers

At MPS Industries, we create custom inductors that can be integrated with buck-boost converter applications.

To find out more about how buck-boost converters work and their topologies, check out our application notes below.

Discover Our Buck-Boost Converters Application Notes 

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