4/2019     Advanced Circuit Isolation with Flyback Transformers

Flyback transformers (also known as line output transformers) are used in high-efficiency isolated power supplies and provide excellent circuit isolation, the capacity for multiple outputs, and the potential for both positive and negative output voltages.

Because of their uncomplicated design, versatility, and low cost, flyback transformers make a great choice for power supples <150W.

Flyback transformers can be applied to and benefit a diverse range of applications, such as:

  • DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies
  • High voltage power supplies
  • Battery charging
  • Solar microinverters
  • LED lighting
  • Telecommunications

At MPS, our engineering team custom designs flyback transformers according to our clients’ specific application requirements. Low cost, efficiency, and sizing are prioritized factors at each step of our design process.

To learn more about flyback transformers and how they work, check out our application notes here:

Discover How Our Flyback Transformers Work 

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