CCFL Transformers

Welcome to MPS Industries, your partner in cutting-edge new technologies in transformers. As CCFL inverter transformer manufacturers with a rich heritage of engineering excellence, our specialty lies in supplying high-performance CCFL transformers for a variety of industrial applications.

Understanding CCFL Transformers

A CCFL transformer (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) is essential for driving fluorescent lamps which require high voltage for operation. These transformers convert the power supply into higher voltage outputs, essential for igniting and operating the cold cathode lamps efficiently. At MPS Industries, our CCFL transformers are designed to offer superior performance in a compact footprint, ensuring reliability and longevity for all types of fluorescent lighting systems.

Our Comprehensive Range of CCFL Transformers

P9101 Series:

The P9101 Series features our innovative push-pull design, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your lighting solutions. Available in nine variants from P9101-1 through P9101-9, this series is perfect for applications demanding robust performance with minimal maintenance.

P9119 Series:

Our 2.5-watt SMD CCFL transformers, encompassing models P9119-1 to P9119-3, are crafted for devices where space and efficiency are paramount. Their compact SMD design makes them ideal for intricate electronic applications without sacrificing power.

P9120 Series:

The P9120 Series transformers are another range of 2.5-watt solutions designed to support applications requiring consistent power in a small package. Available in three models: P9120-1, P9120-2, and P9120-3, they provide flexibility and high performance.

P9121 Series:

For applications needing more robust power solutions, the P9121 Series offers 14-Watt options, ensuring high output and durability across three models: P9121-1, P9121-2, and P9121-3. These are ideal for larger scale lighting installations.

P9122 Series:

The P9122 Series, with models ranging from P9122-1 to P9122-5, provides a versatile 6-Watt power solution that caters to a broad range of applications, balancing power and efficiency.

P9124 Series:

Lastly, the P9124 Series includes four models of 4-watt SMD transformers, designed for optimal performance in applications where space and efficiency are highly valued.

Features and Benefits

Our CCFL transformers are recognized for their efficiency, requiring less energy while extending the life of lamps. The benefits of choosing MPS Industries include enhanced durability, consistent performance under varying electrical conditions, and compact designs that fit seamlessly into your existing setups.

Custom CCFL Transformer Design Solutions

At MPS Industries, we don’t just sell transformers; we provide solutions. Our engineering team develops and offers custom CCFL transformer design, including tailoring the CCFL transformer frequency to meet your unique specifications. We work very closely with all of our clients in the design process to ensure every transformer meets and exceeds their expectations.

Why Choose MPS Industries?

When you select MPS Industries, you choose a quality-focused CCFL inverter transformer manufacturer who is dedicated to your success. With our industry-leading expertise, stringent quality controls, and dedication to customer service, we guarantee that all of our products surpass industry standards.

Interested in learning more about our CCFL transformers or need a custom CCFL transformer design solution? Contact us today to discuss your project needs or explore our full range of transformer solutions.