Welcome to MPS Industries, an international provider of magnetic components and engineering solutions. With over 15 years of experience in delivering services to clients across multiple industries, we have become a reliable source of the highest quality products and leading-edge technology. Our electromagnetic core products are designed with precision, allowing us to provide our customers with innovative and cost-effective long-term solutions.

Furthermore, our expertise extends beyond their production – from initial development through delivery of fully tested units certified by third parties to meet stringent performance goals. Below, you will find out more about our wide range of magnetic component products and why they are ideal for your project needs.

Our Products

MPS Industries specializes in magnetic components, offering a wide range of products designed to provide reliable power transfer, signal isolation & EMI/RFI filtering. Our product line includes transformers, inductors, common and differential mode chokes, and a variety of other magnetics for a wide range of applications.



Transformers are used in many applications including AC/DC power supplies, motor controls, electrical appliances, and instrumentation. At MPS Industries, we design custom transformers with a variety of materials and winding configurations to meet the specific requirements of each customer’s application. We also offer standard models that can be quickly modified for unique specifications.



Inductors are an essential part of many power supply applications, providing superior current control and regulation. At MPS Industries, we offer a wide range of inductors to meet varying needs. Our custom designs are optimized for power density and efficiency, while our standard models come in a variety of sizes and features to suit any application.

Common Mode Chokes

Common Mode Choke

Common mode chokes are used in many telecommunications applications such as telecom splitters, modems, and DSL filters. At MPS Industries, we can design custom common mode chokes for each customer’s specific requirements. Our advanced manufacturing techniques provide excellent noise suppression even at high-frequency levels ensuring reliable operation in sensitive equipment.

Telecom Magnetics

Telecom Magnetics

Telecom magnetics are essential components used in many communication systems including CATV, VoIP, and Ethernet networks. MPS Industries offers a wide range of telecom magnetics including magnetics transformers, electrical connectors, and isolation transformers.