Magnetic Components Used in Renewable Energy

Now more than ever, topics related to renewable energy are becoming increasingly important. Growth in areas like vehicle electrification, smart grids, and grid energy storage has helped to drive significant growth in the power electronics market.

As the renewable energy industry grows and evolves faster than ever before, MPS Industries is proud to be a leading supplier of magnetic comonents to support the cause. From solar inverters to EV/HEV to energy grid storage applications, MPS is working with leaders throughout the industry and providing innovative solutions to help bolster the future of this exciting industry.

MPS Industries designs and manufactures high performance inductive components that are extremely energy-efficient in a compact, space-saving package. We design our inductors and chokes with state-of-the-art materials including distributed gap powdered metals, ferrites, amorphous metals and silicon & nickel iron materials to suit specific application requirements. We also have a wide range of design and production capabilities that allow us to utilize a variety of core shapes and sizes, as well as winding styles and configurations to deliver products with superior performance in the optimal package size for the each specific application.

MPS engineers take a collaborative approach to working with customers to optimize each design, specifically tailoring to each unique application. Our inductors and chokes can be customized with a variety of options for mounting and terminations, as well as using thermally conductive materials for superior heat dissipation.

Some examples of renewable energy applications using MPS magnetic components include:

  • Smart Utility Grid Monitoring
  • EV Battery Chargers
  • Grid Tied Solar Inverters
  • Electric Drive Systems
  • Energy Storage Inverters

For more information about our design and manufacturing capabilities and how we can help with your project, please contact us today.

Renewable Energy