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  1. MPS’ “Best Of 2017” Mechanical Components Feature

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    As 2017 comes to a close, we’re highlighting some of our best products that we’ve shared with you over the past 12 months! These great features (& more!) will be available for your specifications come 2018 too… Don’t miss out!

    If you’re looking for a high-power inductor with a quick turnaround time for design approval, you’ve found the right spot. Our HWI57A2 and H1300 series models can help you test your capabilities without the hassle of waiting for a full custom design. Avoid NRE’s, tooling, and long lead times with our ideal-for-your-requirements components. Their modular design allows you to connect each in series or in parallel for higher inductance and/or current.

    Here are some of the advantages to keep in mind:

    • Units are semi-customizable
    • Lead connections can be optimized
    • Thermal potting available in 1,2, or 3 w/mk depending on requirements & targeted cost
    • Units arrive ready to bolt down, connect, and install
    • No need for an NRE
    • Shorter lead times than other fully customized inductors

    Another high power inductor line that we shared this year: the HWIA2918S High Current HEW Flat Wire Inductor. Characteristics include:

    • Board level, surface mount components
    • High Current HEW™ Inductor in low-profile compact form
    • Inductance Range: 3.3 µH to 15 µH
    • Very low DCR
    • True 30 Amp handling capability on the wire
    • Dummy 3rd pin for mounting stability

    As you’re designing keep in mind that our engineers are more than that. They are experts of the inductors, magnetics, battery, and energy fields, no matter what industry you’re purposing! We serve: automotive, industrial, medical, military, aerospace, telecom, and consumer electronics — and that’s only naming a few!

    MPS is no stranger to quality and efficiency when it comes down to you high-power magnetics. Our continuous goal is to find ways to push the envelope when it comes to magnetic designs. The aim is to provide our customer with the most optimized solutions. When developing our high power standard product lines, we strive to improve both the efficiency and heat dissipation of our parts. MPS engineers understand that quality, compact size, and low DCR are crucial requirements for our customer base.

    That’s why we’ve created series like the HWI34. Here’s a closer look at its profile:

    • Low profile, small footprint, compact form
    • Inductance Range 4.7 uH to 29uH
    • Exceptionally low DCR
    • Great heat dissipation
    • True 45-55 Amp wire handling capacity
    • Powered cores with distributed gap for soft saturation
    • For high-temperature environments – up to 125°C ambient (max temp 180C)
    • Higher current available
    • Different mounting available

    We look forward to new product developments in the upcoming year.

    Keep an eye out for our next entry on what is to come throughout 2018. We can’t wait to implement our own creations alongside those of our customers as well!

    You can follow MPS updates on our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

    Remember that we know the importance of providing maximum support for your supplies. MPS’ engineers work closely with you to not only design based on your electrical specifications, but your mechanical requirements as well, including hardware selection and mounting optimization for your specific system.

    Interested in what you see? Contact us today!

    We wish all of our loyal customers and followers a very happy/healthy holiday season and new year! We look forward to connecting in 2018!

  2. MPS Shows Sales Increase as 2016-2017 Fiscal Year Comes to an End

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    As we reach the end of the fiscal year, our MPS Industries team has exciting news of our sales increase over last year. Our success in magnetic components manufacturing is attributable to both customers and employees alike. A big “thank you” to all of those who have supported and contributed to MPS this past year.

    A Breakdown

    For the 2016-2017 fiscal year, we note a definitive increase in sales at MPS over the last business cycle. Our on-time deliveries have also continually improved thanks to the work of our dedicated team.

    We are proud to recognize the punctuality in shipping quality magnetic parts to our customer’s organization so that they can meet your deadlines.

    A Heartfelt Thank You   

    We thank both our customers and our employees for the above-noted successes. Our companywide dedication to customer satisfaction drives our growth. MPS employees value on-time customer deliveries and quality parts as a constant priority.

    In addition, we take pride in providing optimized solutions to our diverse customer base. This initiative was the force behind driving sales. Our experienced team of engineers is happy to meet with customers to collaborate on solutions to target specific mechanical and electrical requirements. Custom magnetics are always an option if the solution is not already available in our broad line of products. We separate ourselves the competition through these methods.

    Bottom line, our customers deserve just as much credit and recognition for our successful business cycle today. We cannot emphasize this enough, but will always show gratitude for their loyalty.

    Quality Products and Services 

    At MPS, we have an extensive line of magnetic components covering many industrial applications, from automotive to medical, telecom, military and aerospace, renewable energy and consumer electronics.

    For custom designs simply let us know your electric and mechanical requirements so that we can help you further. You can count on us for excellence every step of the way.

    Remember to follow our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up to date on related manufacturing developments. Contact us today to discuss your next industrial magnetic order.