MPS and Oceanic Research

Part of the exciting nature of our job here at MPS is the opportunity to be a part of fascinating projects from time to time.  We think one of our latest projects is especially interesting, and worth talking about with you here on our blog.

The Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility is a non-profit in Canada that aids oceanic research and discovery, partnering with various universities and local companies to promote the national ocean technology industry.  Our expertise in custom electronics gave us the opportunity to supply their ROPOS (“Remotely Operated Platform for Ocean Science”) vehicle with a mini video isolation transformer.  This was then put onto an NTSC composite video isolation board that works in tandem with a Fiber Optic Mux Control Can in the ROV.  This essentially means that our technology aided in the capture and transmission of images from varying depths under the sea to the surface for observation and study, as well as to assist in a fiber optic cable laying program that the ROPOS was involved with.

Oceanic research is highly important for the understanding of our weather and climate, natural disaster research, geochemistry, and the investigation of potential alternative fuels located in deep-sea deposits.  MPS is proud to play a part in such impactful research, and to provide pieces of the electronic puzzle that aid a deeper understanding of our world.  Check out the expedition website here, and be sure to check back here at our blog for more interesting projects we’ve been involved in.

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