Augmented Reality and the Future of Electronics Technology

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, our industry is one that is constantly being inundated with new and exciting technologies, all of which are of interest to electronics manufacturers as interesting combinations of developments that seek to improve our lives.  One exciting new technology we’re interested in here at MPS is the field of augmented reality.

The concept isn’t that new, but the recent development of Google Glass has thrown the subject into the public eye again.  In our age of ever increasing and exhaustive information, augmented reality seeks to tap into that wealth of knowledge in real time to give us instantaneous and personalized access to deeper levels of information based on our surroundings or inquiries.  Smartphones have already made huge strides in this pursuit, but the innovation of Google Glass is the visual and vocal access to that information.  Now, rather than pulling out a smartphone, you can give a voice command, and read the results projected in your field of vision from a tiny projector, visible only to you.

The implications of this are astounding for medicine, the military, the consumer, travel, education, industry – the list goes on.  Even though the technology is in an early stage, as it improves, and we approach universal and access to wireless internet at high speeds, this type of technology is a bit step toward universal connectivity, a still astonishing and ambitious goal.  It also of high interest to custom electronics manufacturers like MPS, as we’re seeing the elements of our business combined in ways that improve lives and make information management more efficient.  These are the moments and times when we’re proud and excited for what the future of the electronics industry holds.  Tweet @MPSIndustries to get in touch, or visit our website to find out how MPS can help make your latest technology a reality – we’d love to hear from you.

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