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  1. Help the Manufacturing Industry Celebrate National Manufacturing Day!

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    As the first Friday in October, National Manufacturing Day 2017 will happen on October 6th. As a prominent electronics component manufacturer, MPS Industries is happy to spread the word about NMD. This year the event promises to be a day full of education and encouragement for all attendees.

    What MFG DAY Means for the Industry

    Produced by the National Association of Manufacturers, National Manufacturing Day is a way to halt common misconceptions about the industry. Facilities across the nation will open up their doors to connect with the next generation and present the truth of the industry as it is today. Along with providing this educational opportunity, the annual event also provides manufacturers with a platform to speak about positive industry attributes, as well as shared challenges, and to connect with the community.

    These efforts help ensure a strong future for the United States manufacturing industry that is enjoying a comeback following the Great Recession of 2010. Inviting students, businesspeople, journalists, teachers, and politicians onto industry shop floors across the US can help influence public views about manufacturing.

    Bridging the Skills Gap and More

    National Manufacturing Day is important as it provides firsthand the opportunity to see the tech-savvy present-day manufacturing force. MFG DAY is a vehicle to combat current issues facing the manufacturing industry, such as the skills gap and the shortage of girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects in comparison to boys.

    MFG DAY also is in favor of reshoring or bringing manufacturing jobs back to the organization’s headquarters rather than outsourcing overseas. Our MPS team supports reshoring, STEM education, and efforts to bridge the skills gap.

    Inspiring Future Generations

    Inspiring younger generations to seek manufacturing careers is something we are passionate about here at MPS. Our clients span many industries including: industrial, military, telecom, aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics. Learn about each field by attending National Manufacturing Day events in your community.

    MPS Industries designs and manufactures top-quality magnetic components, including a range of inductors and transformers. Stay current on relevant industry developments by following our blog and by connecting on Twitter and LinkedIn. For electronic components from an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, MPS has your best interests at heart. Contact us for your next order.

  2. MPS Industries Celebrates National Manufacturing Day October 7th

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    National Manufacturing Day is held each October on the first Friday of the month. This year, the event will be October 7th, with over 2,341 events scheduled to date. Events are held at manufacturing facilities across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

    National Manufacturing Day was created to celebrate manufacturing and how it positively impacts our nation’s communities and economy. It’s also a day for companies to open their doors to STEM students and the general public to give them a better understanding of just what manufacturing is and to connect to and inspire future generations to become more involved. This is important because of the skilled labor shortage that companies are facing now and in the near future.

    National Manufacturing Day has four co-sponsors: Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International®, National Association of Manufacturers, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), and the Manufacturing Institute. The goal of these four organizations in establishing National Manufacturing Day was to change misperceptions surrounding the manufacturing industry, address the skilled labor shortage, and establish a secure path for manufacturing’s future.

    MPS Industries, Inc. celebrates National Manufacturing Day and is a leading manufacturer of magnetic components. We produce a wide variety of transformers, inductors, common mode chokes, current sense transformers, RF transformers, broadband, LAN, and telecom magnetics, video isolation transformers and audio transformers. MPS Industries, Inc. provides products to a wide range of customers in the automotive, industrial, aerospace, defense, medical, and OEM industries. We now have two domestic manufacturing sites located in both California and Texas, with plans for continued expansion of both offices. Keep an eye out for updates on our later blogs!

    MPS Industries, Inc. is committed to providing the most innovative and best quality products for our customers. We believe in excellent customer service, continuing support for customers, and competitive pricing to meet and exceed customer expectations.


  3. MPS Industries Recognizes Manufacturing Day

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    Manufacturing Day has arrived and we’re eager to get involved. Manufacturing Day is an initiative that focuses on addressing the misconceptions of manufacturing. It provides manufacturers with a platform to open their doors and show off what 21st-century manufacturing is all about.

    The manufacturing industry counts on innovation, ingenuity, and growth as its driving force towards success. Advancements in manufacturing are constantly improving to deliver high-quality products for the markets they serve.

    Through these advancements, the companies they serve are given a competitive edge. It’s the manufacturers, engineers, and industrial operations who are the driving force behind all of our modern advancements especially in markets like aerospace, constructions, and alternative energy. They are the backbone of many industries’ progression and the nation’s economy.

    Because of manufacturers’ ongoing improvements and innovation they often expand and grow to new heights. At MPS, we have expanded with a new facility in the heart of Dallas, Texas. We are proud to be contributing toward domestic manufacturing and are eager to fill our open positions with the next generation of influencers.

    However, filling these roles is dependent on the future generation choosing manufacturing as their career of choice. Sparking the youths’ interest and promoting manufacturing is why MFG Day is so important to our community.

    We encourage all manufacturers to engage in Manufacturing Day. The very purpose of Manufacturing Day is to connect with the next generation of future manufacturers and get them the best information to urge them to choose this career path. It’s up to us to engage with them and have them realize the truth about manufacturing. That it is a diverse and rewarding career path and a primary driver of our country’s economy.

    If you want to learn more about how you can get involved during Manufacturing Day, please visit mfgday.com. To stay connected with us and share your thoughts on MFG Day, please connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

  4. The Importance of National Manufacturing Day

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    The US manufacturing sector has gotten some good news lately. Manufacturing activity, factory orders, and employment have continued to rise in recent months. In addition, a small boom in plant construction and renovation is actually boosting the economy as a whole. But it will be hard to make sure that this momentum continues if people don’t realize just how important manufacturing is to the economy. And that’s where National Manufacturing Day comes in. On October 3rd manufacturers all over the US opened their doors to students, teachers, and other members of the public in order to show them just what role manufacturing plays in the American economy.

    At open houses and other events, manufacturers can show attendees how many jobs manufacturing supports (17.4 million), how much of our GDP the sector is responsible for creating (12.5%), and how many skilled, well-paying job opportunities there are at manufacturing companies. They can also show people how they make the components that are found in the products they use every day. Some people may believe the myth that America doesn’t make anything anymore; this day presented an opportunity for manufacturers to debunk that myth.

    By showing that a strong manufacturing sector is needed to grow the US economy and shining a spotlight on all of the high-paying jobs that factories can offer, National Manufacturing Day helps encourage students to pursue the skills needed to perform these jobs. This may be the most important part of National Manufacturing Day because manufacturers cannot expand if they don’t have a skilled workforce at their disposal. The factory sector is growing now, but what about five years from now? Ten? These manufacturers won’t be able to find the workers they need if people don’t realize how important manufacturing is and learn the skills required to keep our economy growing. That is why we need National Manufacturing Day and other events like it. Many Americans may not think too much about the factories that make their stuff, but we have the ability to change that.

    At MPS, we have certainly taken notice. We understand the importance of American-made items, which is why we host manufacturing and production in our California facilities. Not only has this part of the business grown steadily recently, as more and more customers are seeking “Made in the USA” products, but we also expect further growth in the coming years. We have made it a priority within our company to support American manufacturing; National Manufacturing Day is a good way to highlight the importance of why.