MPS Industries Recognizes Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day has arrived and we’re eager to get involved. Manufacturing Day is an initiative that focuses on addressing the misconceptions of manufacturing. It provides manufacturers with a platform to open their doors and show off what 21st-century manufacturing is all about.

The manufacturing industry counts on innovation, ingenuity, and growth as its driving force towards success. Advancements in manufacturing are constantly improving to deliver high-quality products for the markets they serve.

Through these advancements, the companies they serve are given a competitive edge. It’s the manufacturers, engineers, and industrial operations who are the driving force behind all of our modern advancements especially in markets like aerospace, constructions, and alternative energy. They are the backbone of many industries’ progression and the nation’s economy.

Because of manufacturers’ ongoing improvements and innovation they often expand and grow to new heights. At MPS, we have expanded with a new facility in the heart of Dallas, Texas. We are proud to be contributing toward domestic manufacturing and are eager to fill our open positions with the next generation of influencers.

However, filling these roles is dependent on the future generation choosing manufacturing as their career of choice. Sparking the youths’ interest and promoting manufacturing is why MFG Day is so important to our community.

We encourage all manufacturers to engage in Manufacturing Day. The very purpose of Manufacturing Day is to connect with the next generation of future manufacturers and get them the best information to urge them to choose this career path. It’s up to us to engage with them and have them realize the truth about manufacturing. That it is a diverse and rewarding career path and a primary driver of our country’s economy.

If you want to learn more about how you can get involved during Manufacturing Day, please visit To stay connected with us and share your thoughts on MFG Day, please connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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