Tesla Electrifies the Automotive Industry – and Continues To Push Industry Boundaries

Tesla can be credited with more than simply “electrifying” and “shaking up” the automotive industry with the introduction of its electric cars, including, most recently, the Tesla 3. In fact, it seems like Tesla is giving the automotive industry a complete overhaul, putting the latest innovative automotive technology into the hands of more consumers and changing how the industry operates, from the way cars are manufactured, to how cars are marketed and sold to consumers.

The auto industry used to be ruled by a few big-name manufacturers who relied on the same, old systems and pre-approved suppliers to manufacture, market and sell automobiles. Today, Tesla, Google, and a few other companies have expanded the playing field by introducing new technologies to consumers. Musk, his company, and many people believe the changes in the industry are good, especially when the changes lead to the embracement of new technology and sustainability.

Tesla Motors is riding a wave of optimism about its new Model 3 electric sedan, with orders pouring in from people who presumably want an environmentally friendly vehicle. The interest in their latest model, the Tesla 3, has spread completely organically. Unlike other major product launches, they haven’t advertised or paid for any endorsements.   All the interest is making way for a better future by accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation.

At MPS Industries, Inc., our focus is also on innovation and bringing new technology to our customers.  In a magnetic component industry that is often stuck in old technology, MPS always strives for innovation and continues to generate interest and buzz with our newest product releases.  We manufacture all types of magnetic components for the EV industry. You’ll find our components used throughout the power grid, in charging stations, in solar inverters, in energy storage, within the electric vehicles themselves, and in many other related applications. We’re proud to play an important role in the changing automotive industry, and we believe the changes are here to stay. We also look forward to playing our part in assisting companies like Tesla and industry pioneers create sustainable transportation options for many more years to come!

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