Education Equals Expertise

Here at MPS, we have a long history of manufacturing quality electronics.  Our 25 years of experience in the industry serves as the backbone for our continued commitment to maintaining and pursuing consistently excellent products.  However, rather than depend on our reputation and trust solely in what we’ve already learned, here at MPS we’ve made it our commitment to continue learning and improving, so as to consistently be able to provide our customers with cutting edge technological expertise.  One of the primary ways we do this is by attending industry conferences and trade shows.

Within the past year, we’ve already attended the (2012) BIOMEDevice Show in San Jose, APEC in Long Beach, the Del Mar Electronics & Design Show, and the EPTECH show in Mississauga, ON., among others, and we plan to continue our attendance with these and other industry events.  These conferences are great not only in that we have the opportunity to interact with those in our industry, but also because they are places to keep on top of the latest trends and discussions in electronics design and engineering.

We believe that expertise is founded on an education that continues to expand and be refined.  Particularly within electronics, the trends and technologies are constantly changing at an extraordinary rate, and it is our pleasure and prerogative to keep up with each new advance.  As the industry changes and improves, you can count on MPS to be informed about the latest ways in which our education and expertise can help to improve your electronics.

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