How to Meet the Needs and Stay Ahead of the Renewable Energy Industry

Renewable energy: it’s more than just a buzz word—it’s the hot topic in almost every major industry, and it’s here to stay.

According to this article, in 2015 the country’s use of renewable energy hit its highest level since the 1930s when people relied almost solely on wood to heat their homes. From wind and waste to solar and geothermal energy, the alternative—or green—sources of energy are growing in a major way.

Additionally, this article points out that around the globe, in cities “from Burlington, Vermont, to Kisielice, Poland, local leaders are either trumpeting the success they’ve already had [with renewable energy] or making plans to kick fossil fuel out of town.” They are, apparently, “rushing to commit to running on 100-percent renewable energy as soon as possible.”

At MPS Industries, we understand this; we also understand how to design and manufacture high-performance inductive components that support alternative energy needs. Our magnetic components, which are both highly compact and highly energy-efficient, are used in a wide variety of applications, from energy grid storage to solar inverters and EV/HEV.

Our PX1391 Series Reactor for Inverter Systems, for example, is a high-current and high-power reactor that’s used for AC filtering in a large variety of inverter systems, including grid-tied solar inverters and HVAC inverter systems. Further examples of our magnetic components for renewable energy applications include:

• Smart Utility Grid Monitoring
• EV Battery Chargers
• Grid Tied Solar Inverters
• Electric Drive Systems
• Energy Storage Inverters

No matter the specific product or use, all of our designs are specifically tailored to each customer’s needs and can be completely customized. Additionally, all of our inductors and chokes are made with state-of-the-art materials, including distributed gap powdered metals, ferrites, amorphous metals, and silicon and nickel-iron materials that meet any and all specific application requirements.

The fact is, alternative/renewable energy use is growing and evolving at lightning speed, and companies must grow and evolve with it. Using the highest quality inductive components to utilize this energy, you’ll stay light years ahead of the competition.

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