Save the Date: The AES Expo is Around the Corner!

In manufacturing, one of the most valuable, important things you can do is get out there and interact with your clients and industry leaders. And one of the best ways to do this is by attending trade shows.

When you spend time at a trade show, you have the invaluable opportunity to interact with current and prospective customers, learn from your peers as well as stay up to date with the latest trends and technology, and freely share thoughts and ideas.

At MPS Industries, we place great importance on this—after all, not only do we care about our customers and the industries they serve, but we’re truly committed to being at the forefront of technology. Therefore, we’re very excited to be attending the Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo (AES Expo) on May 19-21 in Long Beach, CA Booth # 1019.

Bringing together the top manufacturers, distributors, contractors, engineers, and technical leaders of the entire electrical system supply chain. The AES Expo is one of the largest gatherings of its kind for the aerospace onboard electrical power industry.

This is especially relevant and timely for us at MPS. Right now, the electrification of aircraft is a hot industry topic, and our new product line, including high current inductors and magnetic components—especially flat wire products—is very well geared toward this specific segment of aerospace.

At the center of aerospace design is the need for reliable, robust components able to withstand vibration and temperature, and our products are perfect for that. However, what differentiates us and makes us unique is that our products are often significantly more compact and lightweight, which plays a major role in aerospace design considerations.

Of course our aerospace products meet all of the various industry regulations and standards—and are built to serve and withstand the most critical conditions—while providing unprecedented quality and reliability. Their compact size and the lightweight design further their appeal for aerospace applications.

We value our aerospace clients and can’t wait to get face-to-face with them while meeting new people and exchanging ideas, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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