The Innovation of and Behind Gallium Nitride Semiconductor Technology

In today’s energy-conscious world, which is constantly going through electrification in various industries and applications, it’s all about efficiency. In fact, the companies that stand apart while moving forward are the ones that improve efficiency while displaying the latest and greatest technology and innovation.

As leaders in our industry, constantly focused on both innovation and efficiency, MPS is continuing that focus by working with the leaders in Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology.

In fact, we work with some of the world’s best semiconductor companies to develop magnetic components for use with the latest GaN Power Conversion Semiconductors. GaN technology is redefining power conversion and enabling product designers to achieve vast improvements in energy efficiency, as well as size, weight, and cost. These benefits are poised to drastically impact a vast array of industries, from electric and hybrid vehicles to renewable energy to HVAC and everything in between.

Working with GaN semiconductor companies, MPS is providing the “muscle” behind the “brains”. These semiconductor companies come to us in need of magnetic components that will match the level of quality of their reference designs, which they tailor to their specific needs and then sell to their customers.

These magnetic components must be of the highest quality, as they are the face of our clients’ businesses and products. We have designed various components—including power inductors, PFC inductors, high current inductors, common mode chokes, and differential mode chokes, among others—for renowned semiconductor companies.

GaN technology is new, exciting, and revolutionary in the semiconductor industry; the fact that its leaders trust us with their initial component design makes us an integral part of this burgeoning advancement, and we are excited and proud to play this part.

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