MPS Heads to SPI and EVTech This Week

We’re incredibly excited to be involved with two great expos this month, SPI AND EVTech.

If you are attending The Battery Show 2015, please stop by our booth at #2122.
If you will be attending SPI look for us at booth #418.

Our excitement is heavily due to our latest flat wire high current inductor products that we will be showcasing at both events. One of the main advantages of those products is their size. These inductors provide high current handling capacity in a lightweight and compact package with superior thermal management and heat dissipation.

These inductors are ideally suited for high power, high current applications where the high temperature can affect performance. We are excited to share what the flat wire coil construction offers for the battery power industry.

As always, we ‘re also looking forward to meeting with existing and potential customers. We anticipate discussing with them any of their packaging and mounting needs during the show. Whether it be potted with thermal materials ready for cold plate mounting or open packaging for maximum airflow and convection cooling we are happy to demonstrate how we can solve any of their current packaging challenges. For example, we can customize the connection methods to best suit each application, from bus bars to flexible cables, etc. If that wasn’t enough, a lot of our products are also modular so we can easily configure multiple modules together in various shapes/sizes according to the specific project requirements.

We’re eager to contribute within these innovative and powerful industry leading expos and we hope to see you at SPI or EvTech this week. To learn more about our expertise in magnetic flat wire inductors, stop by our Booth and stay connected with us on Twitter!

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