Our Connections in the Electric Car Market

Although the history of the electric vehicle goes back to the 1800s, the reality of a practicable electric car, ushering in the modern era of EVs, is about to hit the 5-year mark this month. There has been impressive growth and the industry is set for even more in the next 5 years. Although there has been increased acceptance and use of EVs, there are still  more improvements and upgrades to come that will appeal to a wider and more vast driving audience.

The three leading electric car brands (Tesla Model S, Chevy Volt, and Nissan LEAF) will face even more competition in the near future. There are currently 20 different models from 16 car brands.

At MPS Industries we are keenly aware of the rapidly evolving state of the EV industry. Our quality engineered magnetic components are used in a wide variety of applications in EVs. MPS transformers and inductors are primary components in innovative EV charging systems and test equipment. 

Manufacturers are also making the charging of electric cars more of a priority by adding more available charging stations. Our components are being used in charging systems that draw power from the grid or directly from solar energy. As the industry is still continuing to innovate, we provide the custom designed magnetics to bring ideas into real-life solutions.

Our involvement in the EV industry goes much further than just the batteries that power electric cars.  Our components are used throughout multiple aspects of the power grid from things like solar inverters to energy storage, as well as many other applications. And, as the industry continues to grow, we will continue to supply the highest quality components to keep it moving.

To learn more about the components used in electric vehicles, contact us today or visit our website.

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