MPS’ Recent Trip to China

As a manufacturing company, it is important for us to maintain solid relationships with our suppliers, provide our customers with high quality products and services, and remain informed of the most recent trends throughout the industry and within the economy. Recently, some of our employees took a trip to China in order to visit our facilities there and ensure our Chinese production is running smoothly. Additionally, it gave us the opportunity to visit with some customers and suppliers.

One common theme we uncovered while in China was how dramatically the manufacturing landscape has been changing. In fact, almost everyone we spoke with commented on the labor issues that have been occurring in China. Many factories have closed down, or reduced their size, as a result. It was encouraging, however, to see how the strong factories have survived. Many of the Chinese factories are beginning to integrate newer technologies into the production process, including automation; our overseas factories are no different. We have put focus on the use of automation in order to improve our production process and remain competitive in the changing market. It is important to us to provide continuous support for all of our customers; this includes keeping our pricing competitive and improving the quality of our products, which we have been able to achieve through the introduction of a more automated production process. Despite the labor trends occurring in China, we are still able to maintain healthy and productive facilities there. You can watch how it’s done in our automation production video.

It was a great opportunity for us to spend two weeks in China, visiting our facilities, suppliers, and customers. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products and services, so we make it a point to keep up with every aspect of our business and ensure everything is top-notch.

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