The Force Between our Magnetic Components and the Auto and Energy Industries

We take great pride in the production of our magnetic components, and we continue to improve their quality and capabilities as technology continues to change the manufacturing world. It’s always interesting for us to see how our magnetic components fit into specific applications, which can range from a variety of different industries. Recently, we have seen the growth of two very different industries—automotive and energy—both of which our magnetic products can be used for.


The automotive electronics market is a growing one, especially with the emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles. More and more cars are being controlled by a variety of electronics –think lighting, infotainment centers, power windows, power seats, and proximity sensors. Then you have the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles, which count electronics as a huge part of the vehicle’s controls. With all of these electronics, you need magnetic components for support and use—this is where MPS steps in.
Not only can we provide the magnetic components for all of the new electronically-controlled features in each new generation of cars, but we also provide products that are fit for critical applications, such as the automotive industry.


With solar and wind power and green energy becoming more and more popular, the energy industry is set to become a booming industry in the next few years. As many companies are beginning to invest in energy management systems and smart grids, which are able to store energy in a grid in order to distribute the energy evenly, we are seeing a rise in the use of inverters. These inverters need the use of our magnetic components in order to properly manage the use of energy.

The auto and energy industries also have a lot in common—as electric vehicles become more dominant, so will the use of auto charging stations, which utilize a lot of energy as well. In the near future, we see both industries growing tremendously and overlapping with one another. Our company and our magnetic components will be there every step of the way, helping the vehicles run smoothly and the energy grids to stay powered on.

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