The Power of Current Sense Transformers

One of the most talked about and widely growing trends in energy/utility management these days is the “smart” grid.

Articles such as this one point out that the market is “expected to almost double in less than 10 years,” due to a range of demands. In general, so many products and services these days are controlled electronically, from the smart grid to motors and so much in between—companies everywhere are moving from mechanical to electronic controls.

What this means is that everything being electronically controlled needs to be monitored via sensors and transformers, and current transformers are becoming increasingly popular as a result. These current transformers monitor and measure electronic products effectively, and generally make sure everything is running smoothly. They are a very critical component in electronic design and function. In essence, they allow users to see what exactly is going on with the product, thereby maximizing the energy usage—and maintaining efficiency.

For example, when utility companies have electronically controlled power lines, they install current transformers to monitor the current going through the lines in order to ensure nothing abnormal is occurring. The same principle is true for all electronic products, no matter what the application or industry.

Current sense transformerThis is where MPS Industries plays a crucial part. We offer a range of current sense transformers, all with extremely high degrees of accuracy, many of which are available in custom designs to meet your specific needs. They are RoHS compliant, and are made with the state-of-the-art technology and quality for which all of our products are known.

We’re quite confident our sensors are built to meet the most demanding electronic-monitoring needs, and we will ensure any product is measured and maintained effectively and accurately.

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