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  1. The Complete Guide to Flyback Transformers

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    Flyback converter diagram screenshot

    When a power converter doesn’t require very high power – i.e. 200 watts or less – flyback converters are good choices due to their lower cost, decreased quantity of components, and simple design. Flyback converters are used in a variety of equipment, including televisions, LED lighting arrays, telecommunications, and industrial systems.

    One of the main components within a flyback converter design is the transformer. The primary distinguishing feature of a flyback transformer is a gapped core that holds energy from each input cycle.

    The energy stored in the transformer’s core allows it to efficiently increase or decrease the voltage as needed for equipment operation.

    How Does a Flyback Transformer Work?

    A flyback transformer circuit looks similar to other isolated transformers, and it uses many of the same components, including a switch, output rectifier or diode, and input and output capacitors. Unlike other isolated transformer designs, however, flyback transformers store energy within the core without the need for a separate output inductor. This highly efficient construction facilitates cost-effective power usage by ensuring circuit isolation and allowing both positive and negative output voltage.

    The Complete Guide to Flyback Transformers

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    The most common switch design for flyback converters is the metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET), which consists of three terminals that modify the intensity of and redirect electronic signals. Switches for flyback converters may also be composed of bipolar transistors, gallium nitride (GaN), or silicon carbide (SiC).

    When the switch is closed (or in the on position), current flows through the primary coil and gets stored in the core. When the switch is off, the current flows through the secondary coil and is transmitted to the output load. The output voltage is modified by adjusting duty cycles and turn ratios between the primary and secondary coils.

    Coupled Inductor

    The coils that transmit and store energy in a flyback transformer form a coupled inductor. The two coils are linked by mutual electromagnetic inductance—when energy flows into the primary coil, it creates a magnetic link and generates voltage in the second coil.

    Coupled inductors are used to modify voltage. They can also be used to isolate circuit components to enhance the efficiency of electrical flow. When the switch is on, energy flows into the primary winding and gets stored in the core. The stored magnetic flux flows into the secondary winding when the switch is turned off, and the energy is then distributed through a diode.

    Output Diode

    Current may be increased, decreased, or modified as it flows from the second coil. Diodes ensure that the current flows unidirectionally toward the output and keep the voltage as necessary to meet the needs of the application. Since current from the transformer can fluctuate based on the input voltage, the diode and output capacitor help to keep the outflow of current steady.

    Input and Output Capacitors

    Capacitors in flyback transformers can be installed on both the input and output ends of the current flow. They are used to store energy so that it can be released in controlled amounts. Input capacitors control the flow of energy into the primary coil, while output capacitors manage the output to ensure a smooth flow of energy at the desired voltage and current.

    Applications of Flyback Transformers

    Flyback transformers are highly efficient, compact, and cost-effective, which makes them ideal for numerous applications and industries. Some of these uses include:

    • DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies: Flyback transformers are used to facilitate the conversion of AC to DC and DC to DC in power supplies for a variety of devices that require current and voltage modification.
    • Televisions and computer monitors: The first flyback transformers were invented for use in televisions, and they continue to provide a reliable source of steady voltage for computer monitors, televisions, and other visual displays.
    • Aerospace components: The compact size, efficiency, and accuracy of flyback transformers make them perfect for use in electrical equipment found in aerospace applications.
    • Telecommunications equipment: Flyback power converters are often used for DC to DC power conversion in telecommunication systems.
    • LED lighting systems: Flyback transformers are used in LED drivers to regulate the output current from the power supply.
    • Capacitor and battery charging systems: Flyback transformers convert current and transmit energy in capacitor and battery chargers.
    • Converters and inverters: Since electrical converters and inverters operate at varying frequencies, flyback transformers adjust the voltage and current levels for a consistent power supply.
    • Industrial systems: A broad range of industrial equipment uses flyback transformers to enhance operational efficiency and improve the performance of electrical components.

    Advantages of Using Flyback Transformers

    Flyback transformers offer numerous advantages over other converters, including:

    • Circuit Isolation: A key benefit of flyback transformers is their circuit isolation, preventing electrical hazards and providing improved safety, particularly for those in the vicinity of high energy electrical systems.
    • Compact Size: The simple design of flyback transformers makes them smaller, lighter, and easier to install than comparable transformers – meaning they are likely to be a better fit within your overall electrical system.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Flyback transformers are generally about the same investment as other transformers. However, flyback converters – of which flyback transformers are a key component – are typically less expensive than comparable converters, since they are made up of fewer components. This is important to keep in mind if you are considering flyback transformers and their application within flyback converters.
    • Convenience: You can use flyback transformers to isolate and manipulate multiple output voltages from one control.

    Considerations When Designing a Flyback Transformer

    Flyback transformers are available in numerous designs and configurations. Before attempting to select or design an appropriate flyback transformer for your needs, gather the following data about your application to present to your component provider:

    • Maximum size and weight requirements
    • Switching frequency
    • Max duty cycle
    • Mounting type: surface mount, through-hole, etc.
    • Input voltage
    • Power and Output voltage (load)

    Quality Flyback Transformers at MPS Industries

    MPS Industries, Inc. is proud to offer an extensive range of quality electronic components for our customers in a wide range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to military, telecommunications, and renewable energy. We specialize in custom-manufactured inductors, power supplies, current sensors, and transformers. Our extensive experience in circuit design and engineering allows us to create unique electronic components to meet the most stringent industry standards and specifications.

    Request a Quote or Contact Us

    To learn more, visit our Flyback Transformers product page, or contact our experts to discuss your magnetic component needs.

  2. Manufacturing & Magnetics – An Important Industry Outlook

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    With 2017 officially closed, now is the time to look towards industry predictions in the new year.

    Industry Outlook Predictions

    Projections for 2018 show positive outlooks for three of the main industries MPS serves.

    The renewable energy sector, both globally and within the U.S., will always be at the forefront of debate and conversation. Renewables (in particular, wind and solar) will continue to increase their share of the power mix.

    Industry experts have predicted that the medical market will continue to grow in the upcoming year, given the fast pace nature of technological advancements and increasing role of tech in medical devices. Our design team ensures our magnetic components meet industry requirements, such as UL544 standards.

    In the global consumer electronics industry, the forecast is for a healthy demand in 2018, particularly for Smart TVs, 3D TVs, smartphones, and tablets. Connected devices that use magnetic parts continue to provide potential opportunities, especially as new data sources come to fruition.

    Meeting Demands in 2018

    Our broad product offerings will carry on into 2018 as our MPS team continues to manufacture magnetic components, including transformers and inductors, for industrial applications across a wide range of industries.

    Clients will still be able to work with our experienced team to design and engineer custom electrical components as per request.

    Having a diverse product line enables our team to effectively serve multiple markets worldwide from our headquarters in Gardena, California. Our high-quality lineup solves client needs across industries such as automotive, industrial, renewable energy, medical, military and aerospace, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.

    Moving into the New Year

    At MPS Industries, we embrace opportunities to fulfill customers’ visions and possess the skills to move quickly as industry demand increases across the sectors we serve. Our agility, both in strategy and operations, and excellent customer support, makes us a great choice for your magnetic components manufacturer this year.

    Contact us today for your next project or any questions you might have. Also, follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and our blog to receive the latest industry and in-house updates.

  3. 2017 Expansion Plans to Benefit Our Customers

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    2016 was a pivotal year for magnetic components. The presence of hydroelectricity, wind electricity and solar power was felt in a significant way as countries around the world pushed for clean and renewable sources of energy. In conjunction with this trend, electric cars also contributed to the green drive making waves across the planet. At MPS Industries, we worked hard throughout 2016 to bring innovative products to our customers through top-notch engineering and support. As we look forward to 2017, MPS plans to continue our efforts for constant improvement of the overall customer experience.

    Our 2017 plan to improve the customer experience is to offer a more expansive product offering, more engineering support, international support and presence, domestic production for improved lead times, and further relationship building. Our ultimate goal is to make our customers’ lives easier and be their complete solutions provider by taking care of all their magnetics problems and needs (thermal, electrical and mechanical).

    Key solutions like domestic production expansion allow MPS to provide much faster service and turnaround to customers on samples, prototypes, and small runs for standard and “semi-custom” parts. We will proceed with U.S. manufacturing development and specialization of higher power in TX, and higher frequency, lower power magnetics in Gardena. We will be able to offer faster lead times to our customers by having two stateside manufacturing facilities in addition to our overseas manufacturing.

    In 2017, we also plan to expand our global presence and product line. We are looking to expand our support in Europe, and hope to find a distributor or sales rep to assist MPS in this endeavor. Product expansion includes 3 Phase HEW chokes, a line of common mode chokes and general growth of our standard product line offering.

    And, as always, the MPS team will be in attendance at important industry trade shows. This month

    APEC will be taking place in Tampa, FL, followed by  Del Mar in May in La Jolla, CA. Next you will spot us at the EP TECH shows in Canada (this June in Vancouver, BC and November in Mississauga, ON). We will also be attending EV TECH in September in Novi, MI.

    At MPS Industries, we have risen to our challenges with robust, custom made designs that serve buyers spanning clean energy, telecommunication, video, lighting, welding, computers and inductive heating.

    Now that 2016 is at a close, MPS is ready for 2017 with enhanced capabilities and a greater commitment to quality that will benefit both our customers and company at large.

    If you are interested in learning more about MPS or how magnetics are changing the landscape of the most dominant technologies and industries, please follow our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for regular updates, new product launches and relevant breaking news.

  4. Off-Road Segment Gets A Hybrid Upgrade

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    Popularity among hybrid and electric vehicles have grown exponentially within the U.S. Tesla has stated they spend $0 on marketing yet demands have continued to grow. In fact, think about how you’ve never seen any ads or commercials from Tesla. With no marketing power how can it have such strong potential to take over the roads?

    The answer is twofold. One is because consumers are more environmentally conscious than in the past. But what also helps is their great performance attributes.

    When it comes to electric or hybrid vehicles, there is a whole other world benefiting from their efficiency and reliability within the off-road segment, including marine, agriculture, construction, industrial, etc.

    The off-road segment has certain industry-specific requirements like huge torque for construction equipment, considering that along with, their high fuel costs and the ever-changing emission standards, electrification has become a great solution to these off-road segment concerns. The introduction of electrification in off-road segments has drastically cut fuel usage, improves performance and satisfies future regulations.

    MPS Industries foresees the electric and hybrid technology within off-road vehicles as a leading technology for today and tomorrows’ market. At MPS Industries, we encourage trailblazing initiatives, especially within the green and off-highway industries. This initiative of electric and hybrid technology is no exception.

    We have already begun backing and working with the leading developers on this initiative by putting out some of the highest performing and efficient magnetic components out there.

    We’re proud to be working with our customers within these industries to better optimize our products to specific application needs, customize things like mounting, cooling, packaging, etc. in order to deliver the best possible performance, overall cost, and reliability for our customers. If you would like to talk to one of our experts about how our magnetic components may help your off-road vehicles, please visit our website.

  5. Save the Date: The AES Expo is Around the Corner!

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    In manufacturing, one of the most valuable, important things you can do is get out there and interact with your clients and industry leaders. And one of the best ways to do this is by attending trade shows.

    When you spend time at a trade show, you have the invaluable opportunity to interact with current and prospective customers, learn from your peers as well as stay up to date with the latest trends and technology, and freely share thoughts and ideas.

    At MPS Industries, we place great importance on this—after all, not only do we care about our customers and the industries they serve, but we’re truly committed to being at the forefront of technology. Therefore, we’re very excited to be attending the Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo (AES Expo) on May 19-21 in Long Beach, CA Booth # 1019.

    Bringing together the top manufacturers, distributors, contractors, engineers, and technical leaders of the entire electrical system supply chain. The AES Expo is one of the largest gatherings of its kind for the aerospace onboard electrical power industry.

    This is especially relevant and timely for us at MPS. Right now, the electrification of aircraft is a hot industry topic, and our new product line, including high current inductors and magnetic components—especially flat wire products—is very well geared toward this specific segment of aerospace.

    At the center of aerospace design is the need for reliable, robust components able to withstand vibration and temperature, and our products are perfect for that. However, what differentiates us and makes us unique is that our products are often significantly more compact and lightweight, which plays a major role in aerospace design considerations.

    Of course our aerospace products meet all of the various industry regulations and standards—and are built to serve and withstand the most critical conditions—while providing unprecedented quality and reliability. Their compact size and the lightweight design further their appeal for aerospace applications.

    We value our aerospace clients and can’t wait to get face-to-face with them while meeting new people and exchanging ideas, and we look forward to seeing you there!

  6. The Force Between our Magnetic Components and the Auto and Energy Industries

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    We take great pride in the production of our magnetic components, and we continue to improve their quality and capabilities as technology continues to change the manufacturing world. It’s always interesting for us to see how our magnetic components fit into specific applications, which can range from a variety of different industries. Recently, we have seen the growth of two very different industries—automotive and energy—both of which our magnetic products can be used for.


    The automotive electronics market is a growing one, especially with the emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles. More and more cars are being controlled by a variety of electronics –think lighting, infotainment centers, power windows, power seats, and proximity sensors. Then you have the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles, which count electronics as a huge part of the vehicle’s controls. With all of these electronics, you need magnetic components for support and use—this is where MPS steps in.
    Not only can we provide the magnetic components for all of the new electronically-controlled features in each new generation of cars, but we also provide products that are fit for critical applications, such as the automotive industry.


    With solar and wind power and green energy becoming more and more popular, the energy industry is set to become a booming industry in the next few years. As many companies are beginning to invest in energy management systems and smart grids, which are able to store energy in a grid in order to distribute the energy evenly, we are seeing a rise in the use of inverters. These inverters need the use of our magnetic components in order to properly manage the use of energy.

    The auto and energy industries also have a lot in common—as electric vehicles become more dominant, so will the use of auto charging stations, which utilize a lot of energy as well. In the near future, we see both industries growing tremendously and overlapping with one another. Our company and our magnetic components will be there every step of the way, helping the vehicles run smoothly and the energy grids to stay powered on.

  7. A New Year and a Brand New Facility

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    mps new inside 3One of the most exciting things in a company’s history is expansion – it is a tangible and meaningful measurement of growth and success, and it confirms and encourages the hard work that all of the employees have put in in the years before, and an impetus to continue and progress.

    mps new outside 1We think it’s fitting that here at the beginning of 2014, we have officially relocated into our new space, and are up and running at a greater capacity than we’ve yet experienced.  We think that our new location will further streamline our processes here, and serve both our company and our customers.  We have more office and manufacturing space, and have literally paved the way for expanded machine capabilities down the line.

    As the New Year gets underway, we’re excited to continue to provide our great work for our customers, and adjust to our new location.  With construction completed earlier this month, and our last departments just recently settled in, we’re in a great place to move forward and continue our exciting trajectory of expansion and excellence.  We’re exciting to begin a new year of business with a brand new facility, and renewed resolve to continue to provide excellent products and excellent service to our customers.  Contact us today for more information on how MPS can help with your magnetic components needs.