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2016 in Review: A Pivotal Year at MPS

Before we give you a sneak-peek at MPS Industries’ 2017 agenda, let’s take an overview of 2016. It was a pivotal year for the engineers as they focused on bringing the best magnetic component innovations to a variety of industries, not limited to automotive, energy storage, solar, utility, wind, and HVAC. Our high-power, high-efficiency compact components have been implemented by all types of companies within this past year, including tier 2 automotive companies, one of the largest companies in the PV Inverter/Power Optimizer market, well-known semiconductor manufacturers, and various Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley start-ups.

In 2016, MPS focused on developing the widest range of standard HEW (helical edge wound) series and HEW product throughout the industry. In March, we introduced our new line of HWI4434 HEW High Current Inductors. With inductance ranging from 3.6µH to 83µH and rated current of 100 amps plus, our high-capacity HEW inductors have a very small footprint. In fact, the HW14434 series is so compressed and can carry such a high current that it is now both the highest-density and most compact inductor available on the market. Our HEW High Current Inductors have proven popular in automotive applications, alongside a range of energy and power applications. Thanks to its wide operating temperature range — from as low as -40 °C (-40 °F) to as high as 150 °C (302 °F) — the HW14434 series is suitable for many applications.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s push for renewable power contributed to tremendous internal growth at MPS.  Today, the DOE aims to increase participation in renewable energy across all industries. Areas of focus in the go-green initiative include energy saving homes, sustainable transportation, and other emerging technologies. As a result, we saw more interest from the energy and automotive (EV and Hybrid) sectors in our transformer and inductor technology.

In September, we presented our HEW technology at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology (EV Tech) Expo, in Novi, MI. As the number-one trade show for technology and innovation in the electric and hybrid transportation field, it was the perfect place for our team to showcase our new HEW product.

Although we have allocated engineering resources to develop newer HEW product lines, we are still diligently working on our traditional “bread and butter” magnetics. MPS remains committed to pushing and designing transformers best suited for our customers’ needs, whether that means inductors and chokes based on a more traditional approach (round/litz wire winding), or a HEW wound component.

In whole, 2016 was an extremely productive and exciting year for our team here at MPS. Thank you to all of those who contributed. We look forward to collaborating with new and old customers this year and sincerely wish all those out there a healthy and happy 2017!

Keep an eye out for our next entry on what is to come throughout the upcoming year. You can follow MPS updates on our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Tesla Electrifies the Automotive Industry – and Continues To Push Industry Boundaries

Tesla can be credited with more than simply “electrifying” and “shaking up” the automotive industry with the introduction of its electric cars, including, most recently, the Tesla 3. In fact, it seems like Tesla is giving the automotive industry a complete overhaul, putting the latest innovative automotive technology into the hands of more consumers and changing how the industry operates, from the way cars are manufactured, to how cars are marketed and sold to consumers.

The auto industry used to be ruled by a few big-name manufacturers who relied on the same, old systems and pre-approved suppliers to manufacture, market and sell automobiles. Today, Tesla, Google, and a few other companies have expanded the playing field by introducing new technologies to consumers. Musk, his company, and many people believe the changes in the industry are good, especially when the changes lead to the embracement of new technology and sustainability.

Tesla Motors is riding a wave of optimism about its new Model 3 electric sedan, with orders pouring in from people who presumably want an environmentally friendly vehicle. The interest in their latest model, the Tesla 3, has spread completely organically. Unlike other major product launches, they haven’t advertised or paid for any endorsements.   All the interest is making way for a better future by accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation.

At MPS Industries, Inc., our focus is also on innovation and bringing new technology to our customers.  In a magnetic component industry that is often stuck in old technology, MPS always strives for innovation and continues to generate interest and buzz with our newest product releases.  We manufacture all types of magnetic components for the EV industry. You’ll find our components used throughout the power grid, in charging stations, in solar inverters, in energy storage, within the electric vehicles themselves, and in many other related applications. We’re proud to play an important role in the changing automotive industry, and we believe the changes are here to stay. We also look forward to playing our part in assisting companies like Tesla and industry pioneers create sustainable transportation options for many more years to come!

MPS Will Be Attending APEC 2016 to Showcase Our Quality Engineered Magnetic Components

APEC 2016, the premier global event in applied power electronics, focuses on both the applied and the practical aspects of the power electronic business. The 2016 APEC Conference and Expo will be taking place on March 20-24 at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center in Long Beach, CA.

We are looking forward to attending again this year as we have been exhibiting for many years with great success. The APEC Conference draws visitors from around the world and offers designers, engineers, and manufacturers the opportunity to network with other professionals in a wide range of fields, to learn from educational seminars presented by experts, and to explore new, innovative technologies and equipment.

At the show this year we will be proudly displaying our world-class products and services in Booth #1122. Offering a broad product line and custom design options enables us to meet the needs of a wide range of industries and applications. At the show this year we will be featuring some of our HEW (Helical Edge Wound) High Current Inductors, which have been very popular in automotive, energy, and other power applications.  We are very proud to offer the largest selection of HEW Inductors in the industry, as well as the highest density and most compact package high current inductor in our new HWI4434 series.  

Featuring an inductance range of 3.6µH to 83µH and rated current of 100 amps or higher, the HWI4434 is a high current inductor in a very compact package. With operating temperature range from -40°C to +150°C, it is well suited for a wide variety of power applications. We also offer a variety of packaging and mounting options, including vertical and horizontal, as well as with mounting clip and base for increased support and strength.

If you are attending this year’s show we hope that you will stop by the MPS Industries booth to explore our full line of magnetic components. We specialize in manufacturing custom transformers, inductors, current sensors, and common mode chokes and look forward to discussing with you about our local U.S. based design and manufacturing support services.

If you have any questions on our products and services, please feel free to contact us.

Our Connections in the Electric Car Market

Although the history of the electric vehicle goes back to the 1800s, the reality of a practicable electric car, ushering in the modern era of EVs, is about to hit the 5-year mark this month. There has been impressive growth and the industry is set for even more in the next 5 years. Although there has been increased acceptance and use of EVs, there are still  more improvements and upgrades to come that will appeal to a wider and more vast driving audience.

The three leading electric car brands (Tesla Model S, Chevy Volt, and Nissan LEAF) will face even more competition in the near future. There are currently 20 different models from 16 car brands.

At MPS Industries we are keenly aware of the rapidly evolving state of the EV industry. Our quality engineered magnetic components are used in a wide variety of applications in EVs. MPS transformers and inductors are primary components in innovative EV charging systems and test equipment. 

Manufacturers are also making the charging of electric cars more of a priority by adding more available charging stations. Our components are being used in charging systems that draw power from the grid or directly from solar energy. As the industry is still continuing to innovate, we provide the custom designed magnetics to bring ideas into real-life solutions.

Our involvement in the EV industry goes much further than just the batteries that power electric cars.  Our components are used throughout multiple aspects of the power grid from things like solar inverters to energy storage, as well as many other applications. And, as the industry continues to grow, we will continue to supply the highest quality components to keep it moving.

To learn more about the components used in electric vehicles, contact us today or visit our website.

MPS Heads to SPI and EVTech This Week

We’re incredibly excited to be involved with two great expos this month, SPI AND EVTech.

If you are attending The Battery Show 2015, please stop by our booth at #2122.
If you will be attending SPI look for us at booth #418.

Our excitement is heavily due to our latest flat wire high current inductor products that we will be showcasing at both events. One of the main advantages of those products is their size. These inductors provide high current handling capacity in a lightweight and compact package with superior thermal management and heat dissipation.

These inductors are ideally suited for high power, high current applications where the high temperature can affect performance. We are excited to share what the flat wire coil construction offers for the battery power industry.

As always, we ‘re also looking forward to meeting with existing and potential customers. We anticipate discussing with them any of their packaging and mounting needs during the show. Whether it be potted with thermal materials ready for cold plate mounting or open packaging for maximum airflow and convection cooling we are happy to demonstrate how we can solve any of their current packaging challenges. For example, we can customize the connection methods to best suit each application, from bus bars to flexible cables, etc. If that wasn’t enough, a lot of our products are also modular so we can easily configure multiple modules together in various shapes/sizes according to the specific project requirements.

We’re eager to contribute within these innovative and powerful industry leading expos and we hope to see you at SPI or EvTech this week. To learn more about our expertise in magnetic flat wire inductors, stop by our Booth and stay connected with us on Twitter!

Green Energy Meets our Power Electronics Products

Clean energy, green energy, renewable energy. However you may have come across these terms, they all refer to the same premise: alternative and more sustainable means of energy that utilize any type of natural resource. Recently, green energy has grown rapidly; in fact, “in the last decade, renewable energy has become more economical and is being built in larger numbers because it’s the lowest cost option.”[1] Many different industries are taking note on how to incorporate clean energy into its processes or products. Being in the power electronic industry, we not only understand the importance of renewable energy, but we also understand how to bring this sustainability into our products for a number of markets. This fall, we are bringing this knowledge to the road.PX1391 Series Reactor for Inverter Systems

We are excited to be attending two trade shows this fall –the EV Tech Trade Show in September and the Solar Power International Show in October. While the two shows will feature different audiences, the EV Tech show is geared towards electric and hybrid vehicles and the Solar Power International show is targeted towards solar power, they both have something in common: green, alternative energy. Due to this, we will be exhibiting our newest product line, which is well suited for both electric vehicles and for solar power products.

Our PX1391 Series Reactor for Inverter Systems is a high current and high power reactor that can be used for AC filtering in a variety of inverter systems, including grid-tied solar inverters and HVAC inverter systems. Additional features include its compact size, elimination of acoustic noise issues, and its ability to be easily mounted in enclosures with thermally conductive materials for superior heat dissipation. Not only does the series reactor have high energy storage capabilities, but it was specifically designed for power electronics that deal with renewable energy. That’s why we are able to present this product line at both shows; it’s geared for a number of industries.

We are excited to be at the forefront of power electronics and we look forward to any opportunity where we can present our products to our customers. We hope to see you at either the EV Tech Trade Show or the Solar Power International Show –make sure to stop by and see our newest product line!


The Force Between our Magnetic Components and the Auto and Energy Industries

We take great pride in the production of our magnetic components, and we continue to improve their quality and capabilities as technology continues to change the manufacturing world. It’s always interesting for us to see how our magnetic components fit into specific applications, which can range from a variety of different industries. Recently, we have seen the growth of two very different industries—automotive and energy—both of which our magnetic products can be used for.


The automotive electronics market is a growing one, especially with the emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles. More and more cars are being controlled by a variety of electronics –think lighting, infotainment centers, power windows, power seats, and proximity sensors. Then you have the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles, which count electronics as a huge part of the vehicle’s controls. With all of these electronics, you need magnetic components for support and use—this is where MPS steps in.
Not only can we provide the magnetic components for all of the new electronically-controlled features in each new generation of cars, but we also provide products that are fit for critical applications, such as the automotive industry.


With solar and wind power and green energy becoming more and more popular, the energy industry is set to become a booming industry in the next few years. As many companies are beginning to invest in energy management systems and smart grids, which are able to store energy in a grid in order to distribute the energy evenly, we are seeing a rise in the use of inverters. These inverters need the use of our magnetic components in order to properly manage the use of energy.

The auto and energy industries also have a lot in common—as electric vehicles become more dominant, so will the use of auto charging stations, which utilize a lot of energy as well. In the near future, we see both industries growing tremendously and overlapping with one another. Our company and our magnetic components will be there every step of the way, helping the vehicles run smoothly and the energy grids to stay powered on.