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MPS , Medical-Grade Products & BIOMEDevice 2012

We’re incredibly excited to be in San Jose this week for BIOMEDevice 2012! If you’re attending, please check out Booth #1237; there, we’ll be showcasing our unique products and capabilities, including medical-grade magnetic components and medical-grade transformers. We look forward to this event each year to stay up to date on industry trends, regulatory changes, and ultimately our clients’ evolving needs.

Our transformers and inductors can be found in a wide range of products and systems – from defibrillators, ophthalmic surgical products, medical imaging systems, scanners, cameras and monitors – and the list continues to expand. We’re honored to be a part of this innovative and powerful industry. To continue to work with colleagues and clients in the medical field throughout product development, we ensure that we never falter in two areas: regulatory conformance and repeatability. Our engineers work to meet, or exceed when possible, agency requirements, such as UL544 and IEC60601-1/EN60601-1 standards. Further, our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9000 certified; our processes produce parts that are highly reliable and repeatable.

We hope to see you at BIOMEDevice this year (and, it’s not too late to register!) To learn more about our expertise in medical product development, stop by our Booth and/or stay connected with us on Twitter!

Electronics and the eCommerce Revolution

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the rear-view mirror, the holiday shopping season has hit full stride. As expected, these two highly anticipated shopping days did not disappoint in 2012; in fact, Cyber Monday was most likely the busiest eCommerce day in history up 30% from last year.  In addition, both days proved that even traditional shoppers have become highly tech savvy consumers. As a leading manufacturer of electronic components for consumer electronics, MPS is thrilled about this latest trend. You will find our custom transformers, inductors, sensors, and power supplies in holiday gift favorites like laptops, printers, game consoles, DVR boxes, and just about anything, you plug in or charge. Tech focused companies like Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay had outstanding stock performances on Cyber Monday and most are expecting their strongest holiday seasons ever.  The way American’s shop and the products they shop for, has fundamentally changed.

In order to take advantage of this massive retail paradigm shift MPS combines outstanding cost-effectiveness with the ability to support high volume production of your custom designed electronic components. Our team of design, production, and supply chain experts know how to get products to market fast. Therefore, you can get custom electronic components at the right price and in time to take advantage of the even the most chaotic holiday season.

If you want to jump into the 21st century feet first, contact MPS today and let us show you the way to the future!

Working with MPS Industries

When an electrical engineering PhD and a few design engineers joined forces, the decades of combined expertise, industry knowledge, and enthusiasm set in motion MPS Industries, a company that would excel in electrical and mechanical design and rapidly expand its capabilities. Starting out doing what we truly do best — designing electronic components to spec, like magnetic, power supplies, and temperature sensors — we realized the potential of broadening our scope. We excitedly explored what it would mean to manufacture locally and decided to acquire Electro-Coil, a well-established custom fabricator.

MPS’ decision and expansion has certainly made our custom design capabilities more efficient now that we are able to design in house and then manufacture either locally or overseas. In fact, our engineers, technicians, and operators possess the skills to understand complex requirements and the unrivaled flexibility to meet those quickly and cost-effectively.  Here’s a great example of what it means to work with us:

This instance (and not an unusual occurrence by any means) involved a group of engineers that needed prototypes turned around ASAP. The clients were a major aircraft manufacturer designing a new lighting system. Our custom approach not only produced 200+ functioning pieces, but it did so while saving time and cost by employing both in-house winding and overseas manufacturing. Our team was able to seamlessly collaborate with the clients to do all of this in just a couple of weeks.

Our flexibility is not limited to the aerospace industry or to prototypes. We are equipped to work with engineers in a range of industries, from automotive and industrial to medical and consumer electronics, and we’re capable of quick turnaround with everything from samples and quotes to high-volume production runs.  As we continue to make more new, “made-to-order” products, our knowledge and capacity is growing – we hope you’ll follow our stories here to see for yourself.