5/2019     Increasing Output Power Yield with Forward Converters

Forward converters share similar energy efficiency and appearance qualities with flyback and half-bridge converters, but they can be distinguished by their higher output power yield (up to 200W). These DC-to-DC converters operate through the integration of a forward transformer (to raise or decrease output voltage) and a filter inductor (to moderate current consistency and store energy).

For applications where a high output current is required, forward converters are an optimal fit.

Forward converters can be applied to a wide range of industries and their power systems, including:

  • Off-line supplies
  • Solar power systems
  • Hybrid charging techniques
  • Computer power supplies
  • Aerospace power supplies

At MPS Industries, we create custom forward transformers and output inductors that integrate with forward converters and optimize their performance.

The MPS engineering team has created a comprehensive guide to the various types of forward converters and their applications – check it out below:

Discover Our Guide to Forward Converters and Their Applications

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