Customizable Hardware & Mechanicals For Your Magnetic Solutions

MPS is your complete magnetics solutions provider. We work to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to magnetics.

Our design engineers aim to optimize MPS products to get the best combination of performance and cost to suit each application.

That is not just limited to electrical engineering. A big part of it is customizing the mechanicals and hardware too. MPS facilitates electromechanical and thermal designs and can provide STEP files for your mechanical team.

Examples Of Hardware & Mechanicals We Can Do For You

  • “Open-type” mounting
    – Best for convection cooling
    – Lower Cost
  • “Closed-type” mounting
    – Uses thermal potting + TIM (thermal interface material or gap pad)
    – Best for mounting to cold plate or heat sink
    – Great for applications with critical shock and vibration requirements
  • Option of PCB cut-out version 
    – Low profile for board-level magnetic component
  • Variety of connection options 
    – Bus bars, flying leads
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Temp sensors/thermocouple and thermal switches

How MPS Chooses The Right Wire For Your Application Needs

  • HEW (helical edge wound)
    As pictured in all 3 images
    – Rated for 200C
    – Transformers: option of combination/ interleaving flat wire and litz wire for lower leakage
  • Flat aluminum wire
    – Good for cost/weight for bulk orders, ex: aerospace applications
  • High-strand count litz wire
    – Molded to MW-79C (3000V) or higher voltage
    – Resonance application
  • Option of PCB cut-out version
    – Low profile for board-level magnetic component

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