HWI4427 and HWI4434 Flat Wire High Current Inductors

High Density Inductors for 1U Power Supplies

Gardena, CA (May 1st 2016) – MPS Industries’ HWI4427 and HWI4434 series of Helical Edge Wound (HEW) inductors is the lowest profile and highest current density package size in the industry, making them perfect for very high density 1U power supplies above 2kW.  

These inductors are available with height as low as 27mm and in a variety of mounting options, including horizontal, vertical, and with additional mounting hardware for added support.  The HEW flat wire coil minimizes losses at high frequencies and can handle up to 160 Amps per inductor (with cooling) and can be paralleled to meet 300 Amp requirements.  

Using different materials available, MPS is able to configure the inductors for various magnetic applications such as PFC, DC output, AC input, or Boost in the same low profile package.  We offer a wide variety of standard High Current Inductors with ability to customize per client specifications as well.  

Applications include:

  • Very high power density rack mount or benchtop 1U power supplies
  • Electric Car (EV) applications
  • EV Wireless Charging
  • High Power PV Micro-Inverters above 1kW

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