Simplify Your Power Conversion Process, Easily Manage Power Conversion Applications

cooling, and packaging are key players in power conversion
applications. We will work closely with your team to provide a nice,
clean, easy-to-mount packaging solution, to make your mechanical and
electrical engineers happy.

The Benefits:

  • Packaging optimization based on cooling method and mounting configuration
  • Heat sink integration (per request)
  • Can provide 3D STEP files
  • Low-cost CNC machine cutting resources for enclosures/brackets for prototype purposes
  • Embedded temperature sensors (per request)
  • Low or no NRE
  • Domestic engineering support (in both CA and TX)
  • Domestic and off-shore manufacturing and prototyping abilities
  • Ability to package “drop-in” solutions for standard inductors, such as:
  • The HWI4427 series or The HWI4434 series

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