11/2018  Maximize Your Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Power!

With Tesla’s developments rolling out and the growing road presence of electric and hybrid vehicles, the question of whether they will be able to generate and handle a high power load will determine their success.

Enter our transformers and high-current inductors: compact magnetic components that can be custom-fit to a wide range of dimensions and provide a serious performance boost to electric and hybrid vehicle power transmission systems.

Our Power Transformers

Upgrades to hybrid and electric vehicle safety systems, on- and off-board battery charging, cabin lighting, and other components call for efficient power management. Designed to hold up against these increased power demands, MPS Industries’ power transformers feature:

  • A low profile, surface mount design
  • Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) for high-frequency and high-voltage operations
  • High Q Value and Low Leakage Inductance
  • Great temperature stability, ensuring a small variation in inductance
  • AEC-Q200 qualifications for automotive applications

Our High Current Fixed Inductors

Typical extreme heat and voltage conditions generated by modern power transmission systems can drain electrical energy, and fast. Our high current fixed inductors seamlessly integrate within hybrid and vehicle systems and provide:

  • Superior thermal management and heat dissipation
  • Significantly reduced size and weight compared with conventional toroid designs
  • A flat wire coil for minimizing losses at a high frequency
  • High current induction in a compact size
  • High energy storage capabilities

To learn more about the hybrid and electric vehicle applications of our power transformers and high current fixed inductors, check out our latest blog post here

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