12/2017 Custom Inductor Solutions

MPS’ HEW High Current Inductors are the most comprehensive on the market today!

Options range from our standard smaller surface mount 30A inductors (HWIA2918S series) to larger customized chassis-mounted inductors, capable of handling up to 1000A.

Our HEW inductors have less skin effect at high current for high frequency applications, as well as low EMI due to the clean simple winding, lower inter-winding capacitance and less capacitive losses (compared to multi-strand round wires).

Depending on your requirements, MPS might offer traditional round wire for consideration. If designing for a resonance application, MPS can design using high-strand count litz wire molded to MW-79C (3000V) too.

Think Big: 100A-1000A Inductor Capabilities & Customization Single or 3-Phase, Coupled Inductors for your design:

  • Potted with thermally conductive material for mounting to cold plate/heat sink or open type for convection/forced air cooling
  • Customized mounting and connections for hassle-free integration into customer system
  • Traditional type round wire and copper foil design
  • Can design to handle capacity up to 1000A

Using modular design, our inductors can be connected in parallel for increased current capacity or in series for increased inductance!

About MPS Industries, Inc.

MPS makes the most dense, compact, and versatile range of HEW inductors to meet your electrical and mechanical needs. Our engineers work closely with you to create your design based on your electrical and mechanical requirements for your specifications.
If you need high current inductors, we can help! Speak with an MPS representative.

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