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04/2018 Announcing the Launch of MPS CCFL Transformers

Announcing the Launch of MPS CCFL Transformers

In need of CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) Transformers for your products?

Recently, we've been receiving an influx of calls regarding our CCFL Transformers. While other power management technology companies have discontinued their lines, there is still strong market demand for these transformers.

As some companies migrate over to strictly LED technology, the engineers at MPS are aware that others have not, creating the urgency for CCFL Transformers for your current product lines needs.

MPS offers our full line of CCFL Transformers optimized for your needs.

Today, industries still currently in need of fluorescent lighting capabilities include automotive, industrial, medical, military, aerospace, telecom, and consumer electronics.

Our variety of series -- P9119 (2.5W), P9120 (2.5W), P9121 (14W), P9122 (6W), P9124 (4W) series, and custom design series can be used for applications such as:

  • LCD backlight applications
  • TFT matrixes
  • Aquarium lighting
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Test equipment
  • & more

Features of our CCFL Transformer Designs and Capabilities

  • Can deliver output power from 2.5 to 14 Watts
  • Can be designed through-hole or surface mount
  • Ferrite material
  • Storage Temp -40 to 85C
  • Operating Ambient 0 to 70C
  • Low profile

MPS also offers custom-made options for your specific transformer design needs. For more on our transformer product lines, you can request information below or call one of our knowledgeable representatives currently on standby.

03/2018 Optimize Your SMPS with MPS

We Know High-Power Conversion Efficiency

High-power conversion efficiency is important in your SMPS design, especially in your DC-DC switching converters.

MPS Industries, Inc. is a supplier of magnetics for SMPS. We will work with you to select and design the most optimized components for your needs. This includes various transformer topologies, output filter inductors and chokes.

Our magnetics can be used in various non-isolated topologies, such as buck, boost, charge pump as well as isolated topologies such as flyback, forward, resonant, full and half bridge.

An Inductor Example for High-Frequency SMPS

In high-frequency SMPS, you may consider using an inductor made of powdered iron or ferrite, such as our P11T80B (imaged above). Powder core has higher core loss with soft saturation, while ferrite saturated more sharply but has improved core loss

A Recipe for Success: MPS on SMPS

With our skilled team, you don't have to worry about big losses in power or size reduction. Upon request, we can provide the loss data for you to determine the estimated efficiency of your SMPS. We look forward to helping you achieve the highest performance level on the market today!

12/2017 Custom Inductor Solutions

MPS' HEW High Current Inductors are the most comprehensive on the market today!

Options range from our standard smaller surface mount 30A inductors (HWIA2918S series) to larger customized chassis-mounted inductors, capable of handling up to 1000A.

Our HEW inductors have less skin effect at high current for high frequency applications, as well as low EMI due to the clean simple winding, lower inter-winding capacitance and less capacitive losses (compared to multi-strand round wires).

Depending on your requirements, MPS might offer traditional round wire for consideration. If designing for a resonance application, MPS can design using high-strand count litz wire molded to MW-79C (3000V) too.

Think Big: 100A-1000A Inductor Capabilities & Customization Single or 3-Phase, Coupled Inductors for your design:

  • Potted with thermally conductive material for mounting to cold plate/heat sink or open type for convection/forced air cooling
  • Customized mounting and connections for hassle-free integration into customer system
  • Traditional type round wire and copper foil design
  • Can design to handle capacity up to 1000A

Using modular design, our inductors can be connected in parallel for increased current capacity or in series for increased inductance!

About MPS Industries, Inc.

MPS makes the most dense, compact, and versatile range of HEW inductors to meet your electrical and mechanical needs. Our engineers work closely with you to create your design based on your electrical and mechanical requirements for your specifications.
If you need high current inductors, we can help! Speak with an MPS representative.


Reduce Your Lead Time with the HWI57A2 and H1300 High Current Inductor Series

Looking for a high-power inductor for your initial board evaluation? Have one of our models in hand to quickly test your board instead of waiting for a full custom design.

Avoid NRE's, any tooling, and long lead time with our ideal-for-your-requirements HWI57A2 and H1300 series. Their modular design allows you to connect each in series or in parallel for higher inductance or current.

HWI57A2 & H1300 Series:

  • Units are semi-customizable
  • Lead connections can be optimized
  • Thermal potting available in 1,2, or 3 w/mk depending on requirements & targeted cost
  • Units arrive ready to bolt down, connect, and install
  • No need for an NRE
  • Shorter lead times than other fully customized inductors


Simplify Your Power Conversion Process, Easily Manage Power Conversion Applications

Efficiency, cooling, and packaging are key players in power conversion applications. We will work closely with your team to provide a nice, clean, easy-to-mount packaging solution, to make your mechanical and electrical engineers happy.

The Benefits:

  • Packaging optimization based on cooling method and mounting configuration
  • Heat sink integration (per request)
  • Can provide 3D STEP files
  • Low-cost CNC machine cutting resources for enclosures/brackets for prototype purposes
  • Embedded temperature sensors (per request)
  • Low or no NRE
  • Domestic engineering support (in both CA and TX)
  • Domestic and off-shore manufacturing and prototyping abilities
  • Ability to package "drop-in" solutions for standard inductors, such as:
  • The HWI4427 series or The HWI4434 series

HWIA2918S High Current Helical Edge Wound (HEW) Inductors

Surface Mount High Current HEW Inductors

Gardena, CA (July 1st 2016) - MPS Industries' HWIA2918S Series offers a High Current HEW Inductor in a surface mount, low-profile, compact form.  

Maximum height for these inductors is 18mm and the package includes a dummy 3rd pin for extra mounting stability.  The HWIA2918S series is constructed using wire with true 30 Amp handling capacity.  

The standard series inductance ranges from 3.3 microhenries up to 33 microhenries and very low DCR.  

HWI4427 and HWI4434 Flat Wire High Current Inductors

High Density Inductors for 1U Power Supplies

Gardena, CA (May 1st 2016) - MPS Industries' HWI4427 and HWI4434 series of Helical Edge Wound (HEW) inductors is the lowest profile and highest current density package size in the industry, making them perfect for very high density 1U power supplies above 2kW.  

These inductors are available with height as low as 27mm and in a variety of mounting options, including horizontal, vertical, and with additional mounting hardware for added support.  The HEW flat wire coil minimizes losses at high frequencies and can handle up to 160 Amps per inductor (with cooling) and can be paralleled to meet 300 Amp requirements.  

Using different materials available, MPS is able to configure the inductors for various magnetic applications such as PFC, DC output, AC input, or Boost in the same low profile package.  We offer a wide variety of standard High Current Inductors with ability to customize per client specifications as well.  

Applications include:

  • Very high power density rack mount or benchtop 1U power supplies
  • Electric Car (EV) applications
  • EV Wireless Charging
  • High Power PV Micro-Inverters above 1kW

H2103 and H2104 Flat Wire High Current Inductors

Flat Wire High Current Inductors

Gardena, CA (March 1st 2015) - MPS Industries, Inc. continues to add to our growing line of Flat Wire High Current Inductors. Our new HWI4427 and HWI4434 Series range from 5 microhenries to 91 microhenries and rated current up to 51 amps.

These inductors provide high current handling capacity in a compact package with superior thermal management and heat dissipation. Both series offer a variety of mounting configurations including vertical, horizontal, thru-hole, surface mount, and more. A full range of custom designs is also available upon request.

High Current Planar Transformer

High Current Planar Transformers

Gardena, CA (November 1st 2014) - MPS Industries introduces a new series of High Current Planar Transformers using our flat wire, helical winding construction. The planar design yields high efficiencies in a compact, low profile package size. Additionally, by incorporating the flat wire, helical wound coils, we are able to offer a wide selection of custom configurations with considerably shorter design lead times and lower startup and production costs than traditional planar designs. The coil structure also allows for excellent heat dissipation and high current handling capacity.

Our HP30 Series consists of Full Bridge Transformers with rated power from 500W to 1000W. A full range of custom designs is also available upon request.

Flat Wire High Current Inductor for Inverter Systems

Flat Wire Inductor Modules for Inverter Systems

Gardena, CA (July 1st 2014) - MPS Industries is releasing a line of flat wire, high current inductor modules for inverter systems. The new H1300 Series and HWI57A2 Series inductors are ideal for use in PV Inverter, String Inverter, and Bidirectional Inverter applications.

The flat wire coil construction offers superior thermal management and heat dissipation, which results in superior performance and reliability. The inductor modules are also potted in aluminum enclosures with thermally conductive potting material to further enhance thermal management, prevent vibration issues, and allow for easy mounting.

The H1300 Series features current rating over 100 Amps and the HWI57A2 Series features current rating over 200 Amps. Custom design is available up to 500 Amp current for inverter systems 20kW and up. Click here for full press release.

Magnetic Epoxy Shielded Inductors

Magnetic Epoxy Shielded Inductors

Gardena, CA (March 1st 2014) - MPS Industries introduces a new line of surface mount power inductors featuring magnetic epoxy shielding as a lower cost alternative to conventional ferrite shielded inductors. By replacing the traditional ferrite shield with a magnetic epoxy resin, we are able to significantly reduce both material and labor costs, as well as improve production lead times.

With regards to performance, the coupling factor (K) of the magnetic epoxy inductors falls somewhere between that of ferrite shielded and unshielded inductors. These new inductors are offered with the same or similar overall dimensions and footprint as their ferrite shielded and unshielded counterparts and so provide a nice alternative, bridging the gap between the two.

Ideal applications for these lower cost inductors include DC/DC converter, computer, LED lighting, and various industrial and consumer electronics products.

LLC Resonant Transformer

Half Bridge LLC Resonant Transformers

Gardena, CA (October 1st 2013) - In today's energy conscious environment, electronic product manufacturers are focused on efficiency, as they are faced with the difficult task of continuously improving performance while consuming less power. To assist our customers with their energy conservation efforts, MPS Industries introduces two new LLC Resonant transformers (P6503 and P6504) that are designed to provide very high efficiency and very low power loss.

These transformers are ideal for use in conjunction with an upstream PFC circuit in applications that require maximum efficiency, such as the LLC resonant converter. The LLC resonant topology allows for zero voltage switching (ZVS), resulting in drastically reduced switching losses and significantly improved efficiency. MPS Industries' new half bridge LLC resonant transformers are ideally suited for such applications, and our team of highly experienced engineers are also ready to work with our customers to design custom solutions to meet individual needs.

LLC Resonant Transformer

MPS Offers Standard & Custom PFC Inductors

Gardena, CA (August 1st 2012) - MPS Industries proudly designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom power factor correction (PFC) inductors for various applications. Our skilled engineers work closely with our customers to find a PFC inductor that will fit their requirements. We can design our parts with customized inductance ranges, power ratings and current values to offer greater levels of flexibility to our customers. Our high power inductors are available in several mounting options and are competitively priced.

We have recently introduced two new series of PFC inductors into our product line. Our P1900-series and P191-series toroidal PFC inductors are constructed with high flux materials for high current applications that require low loss at high frequencies to address the emerging global mandate on increased PFC performance. These low core loss inductors are designed for consistent performance, low EMI emissions, high efficiency and high saturation flux density with a significant reduction in size and weight.

PP25F Series

MPS Develops Planar Transformers Product Line

Gardena, CA (January 10th 2012) - MPS Industries has developed six new series of planar transformers and one new series of planar inductors into their product line in order to provide highly efficient components for applications that have space, weight and/or height restrictions.

MPS's low profile planar magnetics offer very low leakage inductance and low core loss without compromising performance. With the use of an optimized core, advanced winding geometry and interleaving technology, these transformers have a high power density of 600 watts per inch, excellent heat dissipation and outstanding repeatability and reliability. Planar magnetics offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional magnetic solutions.

MPS's planar transformers are ideal for many applications, including automotive, medical, military and aerospace, telecom, high switching frequency power supplies, high current DC/DC converters and more.

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